Faceoff: God of War vs Heavenly Sword

Select/Start Games: "This weeks addition of Faceoff pits two of Sony's premiere action/adventure titles against one another. In one corner we have God of War, a franchise three titles deep, with a fourth (and supposedly final) title hitting store shelves in March 2010. And in the other corner, we have the underdog title, Heavenly Sword, which didn't recieve the amount of praise and support it should have from the media and gamers considering it's quality. Many people accused the title of simply being Goddess of War, because on the surface, the titles looked very similar, but anyone who has played both will testify to how very differenct they both play and feel."

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andron3391d ago

Quite different from GoW, and a great story. Nariko is a more humane character and her sisters sections are fun.

Great article for those who haven't tried these two games. If there are any? LOL

sunil3391d ago

Anyone expected Heavenly Sword to Win? Its a good game and all, but God of War is GOD OF WAR - undisputed KING of gut wrenching action adventures !

TheHater3391d ago

what he/she said.
I still love you Heavenly Sword.

TheDeadMetalhead3391d ago

But Heavenly Sword is still quite good. <3

Figboy3391d ago

but God of War is it's better.

this truly was a hard decision for me, because i love them both, but like i said, GoW has the better game and art design.

for anyone that hasn't played Heavenly Sword though, i highly recommend it. if you are any type of fan of games like God of War, Ninja Gaiden, and Devil May Cry, i don't see how you wouldn't enjoy Heavenly Sword.