G4: Characters We'd Like To See In The Next Smash Bros.

Stephen Johnson writes:

According to an interview with Nintendo Power, No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda wants Travis Touchdown in the next Super Smash Bros. game. "That's why I'm working very hard to make this game as interesting as possible," Suda said. "Maybe in the future, we can see him fighting alongside Link in the next Smash Bros. [laughs] That would be great,"

I agree that Touchdown appearing in Smash Bros. would be pretty rad, but we were talking at TheFeed about characters we'd like to see in future Smash Bros. games, and here's our list:

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TheDeadMetalhead3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

"Master Chief from Halo
The Baby from Imagine Babiez
Moses from Bible Games"

I lol'd

heroicjanitor3386d ago

Kratos(won't happen but it would be awesome to see him slaughter mario)
Peter Griffin

mal_tez923386d ago

Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. He's just such an awesome guy and he has a million col gadgets and guns.

YoungJuvi3386d ago

Your a genius for puttung O.J on your list.

BiggCMan3386d ago

billy mays? why? whats he gonna do spray oxy clean on everyone?

SinnedNogara3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Even though this is a joke:

Characters (fake):

Michael Jackson from Moonwalker.
Kim Jong-il
Rhode Island could be a stage (it is the right size)
The Bush Administration (will fight anyone for no reason!!)

Actual Chracters

Mr. Ford
Travis Touchdown

When will we see Smash Bros on DS??

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Smacktard3386d ago

They're all terrible and not at all suited for Smash Bros, besides the first two. And yes, Travis isn't suited for Smash Bros at all either.

Gen0ne3386d ago

I too, am ill impressed with the entire list. I'll excuse Travis though. Smash Bros. needs Midna ( both forms ) Amaterasu from Okami and P.N.03's Vanessa Schneider. Hot Vanessa on Samus on Zelda on Midna action. SOLD.

N4g_null3386d ago

It's official G4 is a TV version of a blog.

cranium3386d ago

I want the little annoying bug thing from Legend of Zelda (Navy I think it's called) so I can beat the crap out of it for being so annoying.

XxBarretxX3386d ago

Nico Bellic??? seriously this list is freaking terrible!

Geno was ok butdam this list sucks BALLS!!!

custom-robo would be cool though also maybe mega-man lol

SinnedNogara3386d ago

Terrible list.

Why does everyone want Geno??? I still don't get it.

CaptainMarvelQ83386d ago

HAHA funny list i cant imagine any of these characters being in super smash
.....maybe Sora from Kingdom Hearts?

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