GamePro: Trine Review

GamePro writes: "In closing, Trine is an excellent downloadable game that will take you roughly four to five hours to complete. The graphics are amazing, the three characters are fun to play, and the fairytale story is cute. You might even be curious enough to finish the game and see what happens to the three hard-luck heroes. GamePro's final suggestion, however, is to hold out for the Playstation 3 version which is $10 cheaper".

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callahan093441d ago

Was the 360 version canceled, or never confirmed, or what's going on with that? It says to wait and get it for Playstation Network because it will be 10 dollars cheaper. No mention of a 360 version. So I did some digging, and it's not listed for 360 on the Wikipedia page. That's just my standard, simple first stop though, before choosing to look for more legitimate sources. A first indicator, if you will. I decided to go directly to ... and it only mentions PS3 and PC. I went to -- because it was rumored at E3 that Atlus had picked up the publishing rights for an XBLA release -- and they don't mention it either.

So is Atlus still supposed to publish it for 360, or not?