Microsoft planning major news for Monday

PL reports: "Google's surprise decision to take its Apps package out of beta and even more sudden announcement of the Chrome OS may be as a result of soon-to-be-announced Microsoft plans, a blogger is hinting.

Well-publicised tech blogger, Robert Scoble, has suggested that Google's timing is based around a Microsoft announcement due on Monday.

Scoble says, via his FriendFeed account: "Why did Google announce Chrome OS this week? Well, of course, Microsoft has a big announcement coming on Monday (I'm embargoed)."

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Marty83703392d ago

Microsofts clearly worried. Go Google OS.

Rowland3392d ago

why are they worried ?

Elven63392d ago

Because all the other OS's worried them so much right?...

PirateThom3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I think it's more Vista left a bad taste in people's mouths and people know Google as a brand name now.

Will they pose a threat? Probably not, but Microsoft should not underestimate Google. Their search engine is better, their email is better, their browser is better, their software is just better, could their OS be better?

Traveler3392d ago

I think their operating system will be better. As you pointed out, they do everything else better.

commodore643392d ago

google also has more fanboys, while MS has more haters....

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meepmoopmeep3392d ago

Go Google! the next evil empire!

3392d ago
meepmoopmeep3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

i like google

they give free stuff all the time. which is strange.
guess their ad revenue is enough for them

MS will probably announce more Win 7 stuff, i take it.

leila013392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Competition FTW.
I'm sick and tired of paying more than 400€ just for a DVD/OS.

3392d ago
3392d ago
Kushan3392d ago

A joke SINCE XP? I'll have you know, XP is possibly the finest OS to come out of Redmond, next only to Windows 2000. Everything before that, particularly the 9x series, was bug-ridden junk.

sunil3392d ago

Google and Microsoft both announcing Brower based OS'es... havent they heard of terminal servers? Why all this push to cloud computing so early in the game?

Greywulf3392d ago

We all still use it in the film industry along with forms of linux. no one is bothering with Vista because its terrible garbage that really does nothing outside of letting you play crysis. I doubt we are all going to re-write everything to work from XP64 to 7 or 8 as well.
XP is the last great software from Microsoft.

Kushan3392d ago

You've clearly not used 7 very much, it's a clear successor to XP in almost every way. If you have incompatible software, it's because the software wasn't written very well in the first place. If you have incompatible hardware, it's because the hardware vendor couldn't be bothered to write a Vista-based driver, but believe it or not, many XP based drivers work on 7 as well.
Everything I've thrown at 7 has worked flawlessly for me, sometimes even better than on XP.

Greywulf3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

yeah... Autodesk knows nothing about software development... ;-)

XP64 & Fedora core are benchmarked running software like the foundrys nuke & digital fusion faster than Vista/Windows7. Doesn't make any financial sense to upgrade when there is no benefit that outweighs the time to upgrade.

Keep waving that flag though.. one day millions of people will convert from XP to windows 8! lol. Im sure you use IE instead of Firefox as well..

I frankly have yet to work at a facility thats running windows 7/vista. And its a gigantic industry, one that actually uses hardware/software to the max.

Kushan3392d ago

Windows 7 hasn't shipped yet, so why are you so surprised that no facility is running it? And I don't know what Autodesk software you're using, but 3DSMax works fine on my Windows 7 machine. Maybe you have bad ram?
And what has IE got to do with anything? Because I happen to appreciate the benefits of Windows 7, that means I'm a MS fanboy and thus like all MS products? Is that so?
All you ever do is bash Microsoft, no matter what they say or do. Quite frankly, it's sad and you're just missing out.

Greywulf3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

sent u a pm.

outlawlife3392d ago

don't defend autodesk, 3d max 2010 has some big problems on windows 7, I had to revert back to an older version

odd that the old ones work, and new one doesn't

f7897903392d ago

Once it's founders die, people will take their place and will not care what happens to the company as they will still get paid millions.

Sarick3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Windows 7 Starter is FREE to home users.


That's something that would help them hold off the competition a little, because not everyone wants to pay $200 for an OS when they can download so many freebies that serve their needs.

YogiBear3392d ago

Microsoft's OS has been stale since Windows 98. Go Macintosh, even though you are overpriced.

AhemZasan3391d ago

I miss MS-DOS 5.0. DOS Shell was the bizomb back in the day.

Arnon3391d ago

No, Kushun. XP was amazing, but 2000 was built so much better. You had to actually try to crash it, to crash it. Which makes me happy to know Windows 7 is built off of it ;)

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KionicWarlord2223392d ago

Win 7 ftw!

(if it`s about win 7)

RH063392d ago

They'll announce Windows 8

swiftshot933392d ago

dude that would the funniest thing ever. Too typical even for them!

Kushan3392d ago

Why would that be funny? Or even surprising? Microsoft, as all good companies do, have a roadmap that goes years ahead. Windows 8 and Windows 9 are likely already in development, or at the very least knee-deep in the design phase. Before Vista was even released, 7 was known about, except back then it was called Blackcomb/Vienna.
No company focuses every resource on one product right up until its release without having an idea of what the next version of that product will be.

pippoppow3392d ago

That and they'll make sure to release other products around Chrome OS' release date :).

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