Five Reasons Google Chrome OS Will Fail

PC World: "As smart and popular as Google may be, the success of Chrome OS is not a fait accompli. Sometimes the smartest and most popular kid at school simply falls on his face. Google Chrome OS could very well turn out to be that kid.

Will Chrome OS be the promising upstart that fails to thrive in the real world? It's much too early to tell, but here are five reasons that Chrome OS could fail."

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mrv3213442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )


SONY'S Next game
PSP 3000
Motion Plus
Sony Motion controller

Why can't anyone be positive anymore, like Natal looks really futuristic, Blu-ray offers good quality. With all doom and gloom no wonder why the economy failed, YEAH that's right it's fanboys fault that millions are unemployed, THANK YOU!

locos853442d ago

It's funny. If it's not made by Microsoft it will fail. lol

Still waiting on my "Why Windows 7 will fail" article

STK0263442d ago

you forgot the Wii, and from a purely financial point of view, we all know how it ended for Nintendo.

mrv3213442d ago

I simply cannot believe Windows 7 will fail because nothing can be worse than Vista!

I know one reason this OS will fail it's because according to these people EVERYTHING WILL!

If these people could learn to talk to girls and not read Nintendo Power right now they'd be writting how life is pointless and that your heart will fail on some emo blog as they cut themself to sleep.

Kushan3442d ago

And if it IS made by Microsoft, it will be overpriced and faulty. Seriously, there's no winning in this business.

Darkeyes3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

They said the same thing about Apple OSes and look how much market they are covering every month. It's not easy to shake off M$es grip on the OS sector, but only massive companies like Apple and Google can do it.

If there is one company I am willing to bet my money on, it is google. Apple might be giving a competition to M$ in the notebook department, but the netbook department is still up for the grabs. Windows XP has to retire sometime and Windows 7 still doesn't have a light version for netbooks and the beta runs like an elephant on my netbook... A fast zippy new OS is the thing required and Google might have the answer.

I agree with the first post... All these doom articles should be put to rest.At least give the OS a chance. People haven't even seen the thing in operation and are predicting it's downfall... Journalism these days can be even done by a fifth grader posting flashy headlines.. I mean, people are not ready to accept a change yet? I will be willing to move on to the google OS if it's better and I do hope it's better than Windows.... Change is a part of life u know.

Marcelles253442d ago

microsoft cant do everything google can do because google has WAY more money

Carl14123442d ago

Since when did PCWorld know anything about computers?

Millah3442d ago

Whoever wrote the article is a complete clown. Almost everything he wrote in that article was a joke, seriously.

Kushan3442d ago

Greywulf, those comments belong in the OpenZone.

Traveler3442d ago

I absolutely love the Google Chrome browser so I have high hopes for the Google Chrome operating system. I think it will certainly put a sizable dent in Microsoft's control of the operating system market.

Sitdown3442d ago

"They said the same thing about Apple OSes and look how much market they are covering every month. It's not easy to shake off M$es grip on the OS sector, but only massive companies like Apple and Google can do it"

But didn't apple already have a hardware they could just push their product on their own hardware? I would believe that google is in a different place......will it really matter that much for the traditional consumer to move beyond the familiarity of Microsoft......while at the same time offering something different than apple. Then how long would it be for google to have running programs for standard games or applications such as word and powerpoint? This is really out of my area of expertise, so I am really asking questions to inquire how google would be able to break into the market.

Darkeyes3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Valid points there, but just read the recent N4G article to see that nearly all the big companies are willing to support Chrome. Everything has a start. I feel that Chrome even has a better chance mainly cause unlike Apple it doesn't have to stick to only 1 company. The more the merrier.

The thing is primarily being built for Netbooks which now are on are the best selling computers.I don't see people gaming on a netbook. Yes, Google doesn't have a powerpoint killer or a Word equivalent, but well so didn't Apple... Yet it came out with things like Numbers and Pages which do the same thing and the UI looks much much better than W or PP... Hell Apple even has it's own M$ Word and PP for people who can't live without it.. So the same thing is possible for Chrome.

Google is taking one step at a time. One can basically see that they don't intend to capture PC market as of now cause frankly, no one will buy them without it proving it's worth. So the netbooks will be the place to play for building reputation and then if it succeeds, it can move on to the PC market... Again, it being Google is the only reason why I am intrigued. If it were some small companies shot to earn big, then I would have ruled it out, but Google is as big as M$ and Apple and so can give Win a good fight.

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shocky163442d ago

Where do these articles come from?!

Everytime something is announced - for example the PSP Go!

the next day we get an article saying - 100000 reasons why the PSP Go! will fail..

tsk tsk..

Voozi3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Eh it's just to contrast their "Five Reasons Google Chrome OS Will Succeed" article. I mean he even says, "There's little doubt in my mind that Google will not fail with Chrome OS." lol

Major_Tom3442d ago

Mmm, tremble Microsoft, TREMBLE!

cherrypie3442d ago

The market has already chosen Windows over GNU/Linux on Netbooks. Google branding a gnu/linux distro isnt going to magically vanquish MS. Google's going to have to pump *a lot* of cash into new advertising for such an effort.

Further, do you *really* want an ad-supported OS? Fcuk that. Linux is already free.

Major_Tom3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Cherrypie, no one has chosen, Microsoft chose it for us and usually buy competitors. Have you not seen Microsoft attack various Linux groups and try to a) buy them b) if a fails destroy them but now they've just given up because there are too many to go after. Google can pump alot of money because they MAKE more than Microsoft starting late last June, they definitely don't need ads for it either I can see them making a legitimate jump.

I expect to see some serious competition happening if they choose to have their OS in the higher echelons of computing, like desktops. It might even become the de facto just on brand name alone.

People like Google way more than they like Microsoft, Microsoft probably knows this already and that's probably Windows 7 saving grace. It's an actually GOOD and decent OS as soon as you start it albeit hefty even with 4GB's of ram. Granted it still has slow indexing and bad spooler services it's not half bad but I really think that's because they know competitors are coming on the playing field. Even open-source linux groups have made great headway in the last 5 years alone and with the amount of programmers now adays it's going to really take off.

Windows is a great OS known for its ease of use, but it breaks down, often and that doesn't make it easy to use.

Vip3r3442d ago

Given how popular and successful Chrome is, I have high hopes for Google's OS.

Should keep Microsoft on their toes too.

DevastationEve3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I don't like the Google Chrome browser, to me the best out there is a tie between Opera and Internet Explorer 8. Firefox is what I end up using the most though, since none of my friends have even heard of Opera and only use Firefox.

As far as an OS is concerned, I don't think they'll make it very far with a Chrome OS. It has to adhere to PC standards, which means that it has to be x86 or x64 compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux just so that it can support already existing apps and hardware. So basically it has to do what those OS's already do just to be comparable.

It can be something new altogether, but then it runs the risk of being too foreign. That wouldn't stop the avid PC enthusiast from trying it out, but people who don't even know how to launch their defrag utilities won't be as inclined to give Chrome OS a try.

I liked Ubuntu being on a live CD, since most systems have at least 2GB of memory today anyway. It actually makes Ubuntu a handy OS just to keep on hand so that you can get through a corrupted OS install and get online to download patches fixes or whatever or go through forums to look for answers.

Traveler3442d ago

No way, Chrome is the best browser in my opinion. Opera and Firefox are also really good and for people that love to use a lot of extensions and add-ons Firefox can't be beat, but I think that most people would find that Chrome's speed and streamlined functionality make it better than the other offerings.

Major_Tom3442d ago

Internet explorer...... Yeah no.

heroicjanitor3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

"There is strong evidence--Linux on netbooks, for example--that Microsoft can still successfully charge for what other's give away."

True. Xbox live versus psn. Windows versus linux. Office versus openorg or google apps. Amazing how they can do that without just being seen as money grabbers who make billions from doing this.

Kushan3442d ago

The thing is, with all of the things you listed there, Microsoft's versions are genuinely the better ones. Sure, when you throw the cost into it, you might argue that "Free" offers more bang for buck, but side-by-side, Microsoft's software tends to have an extra feature or two that the free versions don't.

DevastationEve3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Just because they want to make money off their own product doesn't make them money grubbing. I mean they have a whole staff to pay wages for, so are those employees greedy too?

You guys forget that Microsoft is just the Corporate Entity, there are real people and programmers who have their obligations and responsibilities to their lifestyle and family. See if THEY don't mind working for free!

I like the concept of free and open source software but you can't eat on free.


Also, Xbox Live is free to Silver members, and Windows Live Essentials is free as well. In Windows 7 they've finally upgraded to the old Paint and Wordpad apps to better compare with their premium software as well.

heroicjanitor3442d ago

But that doesn't mean it has to cost more. For example windows is more user friendly than linux, but is it 400 dollars better? Live is better than psn but that doesn't mean you should pay for it, they should just put it down as an advantage. Microsoft are not the worst offender though I hate apple's prices too.

KionicWarlord2223442d ago

400 dollars?

Windows 7 is like 50 bucks to preorder.

get them before there gone.

sunil3442d ago

upgrading from Vista is 50 for a short period of time

heroicjanitor3442d ago

I'm ashamed now because I'm sorely tempted, I'll probably get it :P

CyberCam3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

"Microsoft's versions are genuinely the better ones."

Question for you: Have you ever use Linux, Unix, MacOS or OpenOffice suite extensively in a corporate environment at all?

There is no way that M$ products are genuinely better in a corporate environment, than the fore-mentioned products above, not in a million years. I have personally seen higher productivity levels come from those products, when measured up against M$ products! Also, when measuring the difference in corporate downtime between all software above and M$ products... M$ loses every time, and that's fact! I've done my own study over the 20+ years in the IT industry supporting hundreds of companies! They may have more features but in the end it's a bigger pain in the ass to deal with.

It's best for software to just K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).

I'll give you that XBLive has more features than PSN but I find PSN just works and works well for my needs. XBLive better?... I would say that is matter of personal opinion.

DevastationEve3442d ago

A penguin. I have nothing against Linux users, but they seem to have so much against Microsoft. We can agree to disagree, you can't change my opinion regardless. It's not that I don't like Linux, it's that I like Windows better.

If you disagree it won't mean much other than that you disagree, thanks but I've already bought my preorder of Windows 7.

CyberCam3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I have nothing against Windows users either (I've been supporting them for years), I actually feel sorry for them when they come crying to me with their problems!

Unfortunately they don't know any better or don't want to know any better. I personally don't want to change anyone's mind in regards to your preference of OS, it's call personal choice and everyone has a right to one. I usually show & explain the differences between several options and let the customer decide, then give them what they asked for.

I can't speak for all linux/mac users but I've been dealing with M$'s BS for years and I'm just tire of them. I've spent way too much time on the phone with M$ tech support over the years on behalf of clients. I'm the one that gets the flack from clients on why M$ products are so expensive and why they charge so much for phone support on faulty software!

Just to note: I didn't hit the disagree or agree button! And I will have to purchase an OEM version of Windows 7 as well because I have to learn the new quirky issues and support it!

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