In Defense of the Pre-rendered Cut Scene

TheGameReviews writes: "I've been playing Demon's Souls, From Software's dungeon-crawling action-RPG that's coming to American shores soon thanks (once again) to Atlus. During a recent playthrough it struck me that while the game's dark fantasy aesthetic does look good, it doesn't look as good as its cut scenes do. The cut scenes look stylistically similar to the rest of the game, but there's more detailed texturing, smoother animation – in fact, it looks better in every conceivable way. Demon's Souls uses pre-rendered CGI footage for its cut scenes, sparingly placed between long chapters of dungeon crawling. It reminded me of the PlayStation games of the late 90s, when pre-rendered footage was the standard for video game cut scenes. A decade later and CGI cut scenes are almost completely out of fashion. What happened?"

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Ziriux3391d ago

Not a good article, very boring read. Good effort though.

mr durand pierre3391d ago

Leave it to Kojima to prove everyone wrong. Those live-action commercials were among the highlights of the game for me.

stewie328873391d ago

I agree. I've always been a fan of pre-rendered stuff and it saddens me that it's basically being wiped out.

iTZKooPA3391d ago

So long as I can skip them if wanted, or repeated due to deaths, bring them on.

Viewtiful3391d ago

This is a good article, and one that people need to see.

shoinan3391d ago

Hopefully Japanese developers will continue the CGI fight.

SirLarr3391d ago

This article neglects the real reason in-engine cutscenes are used. They're much easier to develop.

Changing pre-redered cutscenes requires adjustments to keyframes and then another complete or partial render. If the cutscene is in-engine, the changes can be implemented on the fly. This speeds up iteration and thus shortens development time.

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