Why Can't Games Tell When We've Saved?

Kombo: Kombo VP, PR guru, and linkmeister Sean O'Neill passed along to me a post he liked from Totally Rad Show host and Kombo Breaker (ep 15) guest Jeff Cannata, titled "New Rules: Video Game Edition." We've seen these lists before, but there was one item of note that caught my eye:

"Be smart enough to know when I'm safe to quit. If I literally JUST saved my game and am now exiting to the main menu, don't tell me "Any unsaved progress will be lost." Why isn't the game smart enough to know when I've saved and when I haven't? Any simple word processing program since 1982 has that feature, can't a highly advanced video game system do the same?"

Are developers simply erring, perhaps too far, on the side of caution? I've always found it a minor annoyance, particularly after I've just saved, or in some games where I start up and immediately go online, prompting another save before things can get going.

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