ComputerWorld: Sony Exec on Downloads, PS3 Home Integration

GameOn: What sort of digital content's coming for PSP owners in 2009? For PlayStation 3 owners? Will Sony offer additional direct-download Blu-ray titles through its PlayStation Store? What about PlayStation Home integration? Will we ever see Home avatars crossover to the XMB interface? I tracked down Sony Director of Network Operations Eric Lempel to get answers to those question and others in the following two part interview.

GO: Eric Lempel's vision for the rest of 2009? Where do you want to be by the end of the year with the PlayStation Network?

EL: I'd encourage people to really explore the value of PlayStation Network. There's a ton of stuff under the hood. It's not just online gaming, and it's not just the store. There's a lot of other stuff that gets overlooked. Just to rattle through the list, users who have a PS3 have free access to the PlayStation Network, they've got Wi-Fi built in so it's easy to get connected. Once you're connected, you've got access to a ton more stuff.

So just to go through the list, you've got the PlayStation Store, where you can demo a ton of PlayStation Network as well as Blu-ray games. Of course you can buy a ton of great content, some of the content we've discussed, but you know, there's add-ons for games, there are completely new and original games, there are classic versions of games that have been updated, there's free trailers, there are themes, wallpapers, music. I mean, there's a ton of stuff available on just the game side, and a lot of that I think gets overlooked here and there. And I also would say that the games we put out on PlayStation Network are not these tiny bite-sized games. They're quite deep, immersive experiences, made exclusively for the PS3. You know, high-definition, great games. Great content that's actually high quality.

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