LVLONE: First Look Halo 3: ODST

From Bungie Studio's LVLONE takes a first look at what their next game has to offer. Halo 3:ODST (Orbital Shock Troopers) is set literally moments before the events of Halo 3 and while these aren't spartans fans will be controlling, they will get the job done at any cost!. These brave and sometimes insane soldiers drop into the now destroyed city of New Mombasa, looking for clues behind the Covenant's attack on the city. This game will be set in an open world, have new cooperative play in the form of a 4 player "Fire Fight" (much like horde) and also have all the Halo 3 maps along with new multiplayer map goodness. Look for its release when it drops this September 22nd, 2009.

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