The Gamer Studio Daily Discussion: Can a New Design and a Price Drop Save Sony?

The Studio Discussing what Sony needs to do to dominate once again this gen.

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JustinSaneV23442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Because reading about this same topic at least five times this past week alone wasn't more than enough or anything. :D

rucky3442d ago

I see another 'what can save Sony' from a biased website. It must be a Wednesday.

mriono3442d ago

I don't think the site is anti sony if you check the forums, there are more PS3 owners by far

ChozenWoan3442d ago

yea it's doomsday already... man does the week fly by.

yoghurt3442d ago

Doesn't need saving. Move on. Get a job or a hobby or something.

mriono3442d ago

while they don't need saving you'd be a fool to think Sony itself is happy sitting in third place right now, and especially behind M$ who it dominated last gen.

Rocco3442d ago is not sony biased. If anything they are all Sony stans.

But on topic, nothing can save the FailStation 3

Major_Tom3442d ago

Let me guess, insecure pretentious Xbox 360 owner?

yoghurt3442d ago

mriono.....please, do you not read the internet and see these articles all the time? Sony is quite happy, sure, it'd be happier if it had sold more but it's on target, it's selling equl to PS2 in the same time, and equal to 360 in the the same time. they are sticking with their 10 year plan and it's working well, considering the PS3 has only been out 2 yrs 2 months in the UK, some of the games it's churning out are incredible.

I'd say Sony are quite happy as they are, and they know what's coming up and are confident in their business plan. It's so simple, just look at a comparison chart, lifetime sales, if 360 had launched same time as PS3 or vice versa it'd most likely be neck and neck, probably PS3 in front - and that's with the HUGE price tag every body and his wife moans about.

Rocco3442d ago

The PS3 is not selling on par with the PS2. I dont know where you got that. Its not even outpacing the original XBOX and just barely ahead of the Gamecube.

mriono3442d ago

I read the internet, but does that make things fact, no, but the fact is they are in 3rd place, and i don't care how many of these "Sony is happy" quotes people pull up, and what ifs, im speaking of the facts, and you name me one GOOD business minded person that is ever happy being behind the competition?

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