Wii and DS Turn Also-Ran Nintendo Into Winner in Videogames Business

A year ago, Nintendo Co. looked like the videogame industry's biggest also-ran.

The Japanese company's new game console, due out in time for the holidays, was a technological laggard compared with more-powerful systems from Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. And the machine's goofy name -- Wii (pronounced "we") -- earned it ridicule from some game fans and critics. Nintendo's dominance of the portable-game market, meanwhile, was under assault by a new product from Sony.

But against the odds, Nintendo has become the company to beat in the games business, as the Wii flies off store shelves nearly as quickly as the company can make them. The buzz about the Wii has overshadowed the even greater success Nintendo has had with the Nintendo DS, a portable game player that is still selling briskly more than two years after its introduction.

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sumfood4u4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )


Rasulis4295d ago

Hopefully this will bring some much deserved support to nintendo from third party developers. This was one of the biggest problems with the game cube, but with how well the Wii is selling I don't see it following in the GameCubes path.

As EA and Ubisoft have shown you can turn a good profit on the Wii. I look forward to seeing what's in the future for nintendo in the way of third party titles.

PS360WII4295d ago

EA and Ubisoft have been pumping out games for the Wii for sure. They seem to be around even for good and bad ones too lol. Crazy how big EA is to just make a division for only the Wii. It is also really nice to see how supportive Square Enix is with not only the Wii but they are showing massive support for the DS and I for one am lovin it. Good days and good games are upon us

ITR4295d ago

I believe Square Enix is coming back to Nintendo.

It's funny how things come full circle.

Every month the Wii gets another indi developer wanting to make a handful of games for the Wii and DS.
Jet Black games is the newest.

Konami looks like it's showing a good bit of support, but Capcom is still lacking and so is Namco.
Though I hear Namco has future Wii games on the way.
SNK playmore is suppose to be working on some orig Wii games as well.

ItsDubC4295d ago

I've said it before, but I'd really like to see some Wii-original games from EA and Ubisoft. In time, I guess.

I read the interview with one of the Jet Black founders, and he said they split from EA because they were touched by Nintendo's GDC speech about indi developer support. It makes me wonder if anyone else was similarly moved by the speech and if any other small dev teams are being formed at the moment.

O and speaking of Ubisoft, I picked up a used version of Rayman Raving Rabbids yesterday. That is one of the funniest games I have ever played. The controls work great and the minigames are fun. Perfect game for the Wii in my opinion.