BioWare: EA owns Mass Effect IP (Translation: It could still come to PS3)

Joystiq: We've been doing a lot of wondering about BioWare lately: wondering what the company is going to do with the Wii; wondering what our saves from the first Mass Effect will do to the sequel. But most of all, we've been wondering if Mass Effect 2 will be making its way to the PlayStation 3, like its dragon-infused brother, Dragon Age: Origins. So we asked BioWare's Matt Atwood directly about the possibilty of the game coming to PS3, to which he responded...

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iHEARTboobs3442d ago

If it sells really well i wouldn't see why it wont head over to the PS3. Either way i'll get to play it.

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Torkith3442d ago

Right, but the difference being that, IF it WAS available on PS3, I'm sure that would be a PS3/PC owners first choice, as the game is designed for the system.

I don't have the best PC out there, so would I be able to run Mass Effect 2 on my PC as full capacity? Probably not, but would it be optimized for my PS3? Most likely. Just saying if it's available on PS3 as well, I would get it for my PS3, not the PC.

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morganfell3442d ago

Mass Effect 2 coming to the PS3 will likely see Mass Effect 1 in the same package albeit with Mass Effect 2 improvements. It is only common sense they would wait to bring the PS3 version out considering the scale of that production will likely involve the first title as well.

andron3442d ago

It would make no sense to release those two separately on PS3 so long after the other formats. And with all the Blu-Rays space available a ME1&2 double pack would be a smart option to get PS3 owners on board with the series...

Aquanox3442d ago

Mass Effect 1 was technically flawed yes. On Xbox 360 the framerate was poor and there were many glitches but man the game was incredible in spite of those issues.

Mass Effect 2 HOWEVER is a whole different story. From the footage shown at E3 the framerate is rock solid, the visuals are EVEN more polished, the cinematics are stellar and the combat is much improved... all of this running on the Xbox 360.

As for the exclusivity deal, read the update of this article:

"Update: Matt Atwood at EA just contacted us to clarify his statements from earlier today regarding Mass Effect 2's exclusivity to Xbox 360 and PC. He says, "It actually does exist for Mass Effect 2. And beyond that, we haven't announced any plans."

There you have. It IS exclusive to Xbox 360.

andron3442d ago

If not they would have touted exclusivity for the 3rd game too...

IdleLeeSiuLung3442d ago

Update: Matt Atwood at BioWare just contacted us to clarify his statements from earlier today regarding Mass Effect 2's exclusivity to Xbox 360 and PC. He says, "It actually does exist for Mass Effect 2. And beyond that, we haven't announced any plans."

I guess that sums it all up... no Mass Effect 1 (most likely exclusive as well) or 2 for the PS3. Although, I personally wouldn't mind it exist on the PS3 as long as 360 owners also get the same content. I hate differentiating versions and is a disservice to gamers unless you are a fanboi!

andron3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

1. That ME1/2 is timed exclusive like so many 3rd party games before. Bioschock, Eternal Sonata, NGII, Lost Planet and others. (EAs Orange Box port supports this scenario)


2. That EA will keep the whole ME trilogy console exclusive to 360 and abandon any income from the series on PS3 .

I know which scenario I think is true and most likely to be right...

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andron3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

The question is if it's timed exclusive or not. That they had to come back and clarify his statement should be a red flag already.

The quote: "We've only announced 360 and PC. At this point we're really focused on those platforms." This echoes what we have been told before on other timed exclusive deals.

And there would be no point in having exclusivity only for ME1&2.

I have no interest in the ME games on PS3 personally. I just find it strange that people defend the 360 exclusivity so fiercely when prior events should make you think otherwise...

GUNS N SWORDS3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

to all and especially (MORGANFELL)

mass effect 1 has been exclusive to ms for over 2 years now, i think we would have seen something of a ps3 version at least a year ago, or by now. you know, there's actually more proof against these accusations then for them.


installed to your HDD you always have that option.

you know something i have both versions of mass effect,( just to see what the differences were) and the pc version is practically the same as the 360 version. so what ever problems people had with the game, it's just the way the game's engine turned out during that time. to me none of those so called issues hindered my experience with the 360 version of mass effect (i'm still playing the game to this day)

all that matters to me right now is that bioware has indeed improved the engine for ME2 (in the latest issue of oxm they talk about how easy it was improving the game from the last instalment)

edit, after seeing me2 (all running off of 360 hardware) i am definitely getting the 360 version.

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7ero H3LL3442d ago

"BioWare: EA owns Mass Effect IP (Translation: It could still come to PS3)"

more crappy BS people just want to start, mass effect's 2 years old now it's not coming to ps3 get over it.

JokesOnYou3442d ago

I didn't say anything offensive in fact I was responding to the above posts and it was on topic. Wassup with the mods?


Megatron083442d ago

BioWare: EA owns Mass Effect IP (Translation: We use flamebait titles to get people to read our site)

EA has owned Bioware for a long time and bioware has repeatedly said ME2 was a 360 exclusive. Nothing has changed


i don't think it ever will come to ps3, besides isn't microsoft's the publisher of Mass effect (for both windows and 360)

JHUX3441d ago

Still it would make no sense imo to release ME2 on the ps3 if they can't release ME1 on the ps3. Most people would want to carry over there saved games, and the people who buy the 2nd one on ps3 would miss out on that. Unless they manage to put both on, otherwise they shouldn't bother. If you don't own a 360... use your PC's people! If you have a crappy PC then you better get to upgradin or build a new one or I'm :( for you.

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SixTwoTwo3442d ago

If EA brings ME to the PS3 then cool. If not whatevs. Theres plenty of good games out there.

UltimateIdiot9113442d ago

Yeah, there are more than enough games out there and coming out. Great for those with a terrible PC and only a PS3 but ME is not on my must get list.

Serg3442d ago

I bought the first Mass Effect on PC and quite enjoyed it... until the unbelievably annoying elevator sequences drove me nuts... sold it a week later on Ebay.

I just hope they don't use them again.

Johnny Cullen3442d ago

To be fair, you really should get a 360 or PC just for this game, it is one of the finest RPG's this gen.

Then again, if it does come to PS3, no need. (unless it is just ME2).