Dragon Quest IX tops two million preorders

Examiner: "Dragon Quest IX about to take the gaming world by storm in Japan. Every time a new Dragon Quest title is released in Japan, it's treated like a national holiday. It should come as no surprise that Dragon Quest IX for the DS, which has a massive install base, will be treated any differently."

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SpoonyRedMage3415d ago

Is this retailers preorders or customer preorders?

That's a lot anyway and this game certainly helps dispel the myth that hardcore games don't sell on the DS.

Tony P3415d ago

'Myth' is too nice. It's a total BS excuse for those who define hardcore as 'M rating'.

I mean speaking for myself, it's quite hard to take that kind of attitude seriously when I'm playing my 50th hardcore game on DS (SMT:Devil Summoner).

SpoonyRedMage3415d ago

Well yeh I don't take it seriously either. I'm going to have to pick up SMT: DS but there's so many games I want and in the fall Mario and Luigi RPG 3, Warioware: DIY, Scribblenauts and Kingdom Hearts come out!

But it's still nice to have something to shove in their faces when they go on about hardcore games not selling.

kevnb3415d ago

its dragon quest. Its only the most popular series with the most mainstream appeal over in japan.

lonestarmt3415d ago

sure does. Truth his great games sell good no matter what system they are on. DS right now is THE system for JRPGs.

Perkel3415d ago

"Truth his great games sell good no matter what system they are on."

remember okami ? Ico ?

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skip2mylou3415d ago

i aint surprised to say the least

lonestarmt3415d ago

yeah, proof that Japanese game sales do matter.

Pekka3415d ago

But Japan is not a huge market anymore in gaming except couple of genres. Nowadays Japan is only around 10% of the world gaming market. Even UK is bigger market in gaming than Japan currently.

Iceman1003415d ago

Damn i feel sorry for ps3/xbox 360 their going to be down in the dumps after this game comes out.

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