The hard-thought race for intelligent gaming

Artificial intelligence is the holy grail for game designers, but just how smart are current methods and what's in the pipeline?

Gaming has a lot in common with everyone's favourite heiress, at least in the public consciousness: it's pretty, but dumb. And now that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony have released their latest games consoles, that statement becomes all the more pertinent - next-gen games look great, but they play like something that could have been made a decade ago. While visual fidelity has advanced exponentially over time, the technology that governs how games play, react and adapt - the artificial intelligence, or AI - remains relatively rudimentary.

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Keyser4197d ago

Good find News Bot. That was a good read.

AI is very important and they're right. The better games look and the more fluid the user controlled character is the dumber the enimies look. They walk into being slaughter as opposed to sophisticated self preservation.

Hopefully it quickly becomes the focus for developers.