GameFocus: Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits Review

GameFocus writes: "It's hard to believe, but Guitar Hero is making its third appearance on the Nintendo DS since its debut in June of 2008. The formula for Guitar Hero on a portable was met with a bit of skepticism, but in the long run, the excellent gameplay proved to lend itself to whatever gaming device it appears on. Does Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits live up to the previous outing, or is it time for this rocker to call it quits and find a respectable job?"


+ Same great gameplay as previous games.
+ Improved touch-screen sensitivity
+ Fan Requests can be fun.
+ Nice setlist.
+ Excellent multiplayer allows you to import tracks from previous games.
+ Sound is amazing, considering system limitations.


- Visuals are still out of sync with the music.
- Fan Requests can also be tedious.
- Feels like more of the same.

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