Rumored PS Store Content for 07/09/2009

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"This week's shining star is the long anticipated Battlefield: 1943, other than that, it looks as though we are getting a normal dose of DLC. Expect some PSP titles to round out the update."

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DJ5485d ago

So hopefully it does show up in tomorrow's update.

Sev5485d ago

According to Frozenbyte, Trine will not make it on the PSN this week.



dragunrising5485d ago

I'm bummed about Trine :-(

Hopefully next week. Downloadable games keep getting better and better. I never thought I would be interested in 3 of them in one month (Battlefield 1943, Trine, and Worms 2).

Lifendz5485d ago

Cuz I'm picking up motorstorm pr right away. Updates have been a little small lately. Guess this is the summer slow-down period.

SevWolf5485d ago

AWWW MAAN, bumped out about TRINE, F*ck!!! lol...I was so excited, well guess we'll have to wait, but the people on the Frozenbyte forums are just sooo kind, especially the Developers who actually answer your questions, and they're really kind with there answers, and, obviously, really talented, have you seen it, its just so detailed graphically it looks like a retail game, and from what i've heard the story is great, and we all know the gameplay is amazing and....OK calm down getting a bit excited are we?? lol, I am so gonna platinumize this game, also thanks sev for telling us that this ill get trophies I didn't know before your article XD

Trollimite5485d ago

any news on when MVC 2 is supposed to hit?

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tommy-cronin5485d ago

Finally going to play Battlefield 1943

RustInPeace5485d ago

PSN titles (or just downloadable games in general) do not get platinum, dude. Sorry Sevwolf.

SevWolf5485d ago

@ rustinpeace:...I know what you mean, like Flower has trophies but doesn't have a platinum, but check this out from PSLS
" “Trine has total of 32 trophies: 6 bronze, 23 silver and 3 gold (and of course platinum trophy once you unlock all others )

I’m hoping that we could publish a list or sneak-peek about the trophies also, as there are some very cool ones (well, what can you imagine if you have free physics-gameplay and so on)”.

The Frozenbyte developer also confirmed to the community the release plans of the game’s demo. "

Nelson M5485d ago

Definitely Gettin Battlefield 1943

SuperStrokey11235485d ago

Battlefield is a 100% buy for me, but where is the always present Final fantasy Tactics rumoured PS1 game lol.