Accelerated Gaming Episode #19: PS3 Is Sony's Downfall

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PS3 Is Sony's Downfall
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TheHater3414d ago

Wait, isn't the PS3 selling faster than what the PS2 did? The PS2 started selling like crazy when it drop to $250 dollars.

Nick2120043414d ago

The PS3 is not selling near as fast as the PS2 did, but that is mainly due to the fact that it is $399 currently and came out a year after the 360 at $499.

TheHater3414d ago

So because of that it is Sony downfall? Do you honestly know how big of a Cooperation Sony is?

Nick2120043414d ago

You need to listen to podcast cause we discuss this. It does not mean Sony or PlayStation will go out of business, but this generation is Sony's downfall in the gaming industry.

Greywulf3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

I'll be damned if providing the best hardware & the best games is the downfall for a company. Which has always been sonys stance. If the PS3 was the "downfall" of sony, as per your non-ceo/cfo/harvard trained opinion dictates, then they wouldn't continue in the gaming industry with things like 2000 PSP models, or PS2 models.

You're just hopping on the "SONY IS DOOOOOOMED" bandwagon, although its a little late.. the Ps3 has been "doomed" since launch because of the luxury price point. Maybe you would have been more insightful 2 years ago. Its as if people think that Sony doesn't understand what 2 is greater than 1 means. Clearly its expensive, because it is better hardware than the competition, which is shown with its bluray player and exclusive titles.

Sony is so doomed they keep releasing sequels for games, and creating feature films for said titles(Uncharted). If LBP/KZ2/Uncharted/Ratchet/Gran Turismo/Ff14/Agent/Heavy Rain spells doom, then uh.. im totally fine with that. Because if being success means you get no good games an entire year until the end, faulty hardware, and are charged for peer to peer playing.. then im proud to be part of the losing team. The losing team which has managed to sell just as well with tougher competition this time around. Garbage podcast, just to get hits. Which is fine. But Sony is far beyond the Wii & 360 when it comes to game quality.. Its just shocking that this industry is filled with people that would cheer on Sony's demise, even though #'s don't support it. Sure, compared to a 199 system in the worlds worst economy it isn't flying out the door as fast, but.. who is expecting it to?

Sony keeps meeting their fiscal goals with the ps3. Which speaks about how much they are failing. I remember when they said that 14 million mark(or 13?), everyone laughed.. then they made it.. and everyone went "...". If your conclusion truly is just "well its not like they are going to leave.." That is what a DOWNFALL is... like the XBOX 1's downfall was the HDD. Which caused the unit to stop being produced.. Just fluff garbage.

Sony's only mistake in my non-harvard trained opinion is advertising. The price always comes down, as it did with the PS2. But advertising this gen has been odd, not sure if you can chalk it up to their entire game division budget or just bad representation.

nycredude3414d ago


What about the first two years of the Playstation 2's life? Everything that is happening now with the Ps3 happened then. Was the PS2 Sony's downfall then? How about the PS1 when that came?

And btw if it is their downfall where are they falling? The only reason that the PS3 is not selling more is because of the price, and even then it is still tracking better than the first two years of it's rivals first two years. Take away the one year lead of the other console and the Ps3 is ahead, so I really don't know what downfall you are talking about.

ChozenWoan3414d ago

It's Wednesday which = Doomsday for Sony on N4G. Nothing new here to see... lets just move along.

Let the 360 have it's moment in the sun while it lasts. Just don't tell anyone that this gen still has 3-5 more years left before the next gen even hits the streets, yet alone this one ends.

Major_Tom3414d ago

How naive you really are! Congrats on two bubbles.

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dizlaoboi9163414d ago

wow keeps givin us great content, accelerated gaming podcast is one of my favorites, but i like generation X podcast better, which you can find at as well, i dont agree that the ps3 is sonys downfall, ill wait till the ps3 dies before i say that, which it wont happen, and you gotta think the ps2 sold like crazy cuz it was laone, do duh the ps3 aint sellin like the ps2 cause it has two other competitors, thnk logically people, geez

interrergator3414d ago

oh boy the sony doom and gloom club

bowlasoup28933414d ago

Calm your panties. If you weren't so ignorant and had actually listened to the podcast, you would know that nobody is dissing the games or hardware of the PS3. But, it is clear that the pricepoint of the system and its release date put it behind every other console, and caused it to lack consumer interest. Then Sony hyped Home for two years and then released it when it still needed much more work. So it can be concluded that unlike the PS2, PS1, and PSPs, the PS3 is dragging the company down and not living up to expectations.

zok3103414d ago

This pod are for the Microsoft fan boys and loyalist, nothing more. Sony has been doing the same thing with the PlayStation brand for almost 15 years now and that did not stop them from reaching the top with PS1 and PS2. Both consoles were premium priced for 2-3 years when launched, look how that turned out.

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