ZTGD Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Review

Luxoflux writes: "In years past I always thought of summertime much like the Will Smith song "Summertime", but as of late, summer is about big blockbuster movies and their video game counterparts. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (RotF from now on) is the latest in the long line of summer films to be capitalized on by the video game industry. While some of these "movie to game" transitions have been great (Spiderman 2) others have just been downright dismal (Street Fighter: The Movie...Game).

Luckily RotF falls closer to the Spiderman 2s of the pack. While the game does do its job to expand on scenes from the movie, it still has plenty of flaws the first of which is the visuals. RotF is a game that is admittedly far better than the video-game adaptation of the first movie. That game was so bad that anything would be an improvement, but RotF is significantly better in almost every single way. Still, the blurry and compressed graphics, along with some very boring and unoriginal levels really hurt the overall presentation of the game."

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