Eight New Colin McRae : DIRT Videos

Using a very new engine (NEON - also used for Race Driver One and Operation Flashpoint 2), developed in-house by the studio of Codemasters, Colin McRae Dirt will propose to us to take the wheel of 45 vehicles under licence (Subaru Impreza, Toyota Celica, FIAT Abarth, etc), which it will be necessary to carry out until the arrival on various layouts distributed a little everywhere throughout the world (United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, Japan, etc). With us then to make as well as possible in the 9 types of disciplines proposed.

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MikeMichaels4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Then you see it running and its very meh.

Seems to get very choppy when there are a few cars on the course and it don't think it's the videos, cause the movie with the 1 subaru in it was like butter.

There's still time for tweaks though. *corssing fingers*

...and man those particles are sooo weak after getting used to Motorstorm.

nix4198d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

the videos were mediocre... no crashes.. nothing mean about it. felt very boring. (i'm not talking about the graphics). i think motorstorm acted way better. i know i know.. both are diff genres but still the DIRT thing makes me feel like comparing both.

when i saw the screenshots before - i thought this game could be a direct competitor to motorstorm.. but after seeing the videos, it just falls flat! take the game back to the garage guys.. show me more carnage! q:

or i'm feeling this because i guess i'm through with collin mcrae rallies. i think i overplayed them on my comp long time back.

o0o ROZZA o0o4198d ago

What else can I say, I want this game !!!

Newmanator4198d ago

The graphics look good - im being pulled apart by this and motorstorm. Shame there were no videos of it on PS3!

Leathersoup4198d ago

I've been looking for a good repository of DiRT porn. Thanks!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.