New Xbox Live Dashboard Update: Pics for Avatar Awards, Props, and Arcade rating system surface.

Seems one of GCHD's members has discovered several pics of the new Xbox Live Dashboard, more specifically the arcade rating system, along with multiple menus for Avatar Awards, Props, and Games on Demand. Not sure how long these will stay up, but you can thank "SamususkeMole" for finding them over at the forums.

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Targo3442d ago

Damn...I should've found these..I'm on their site almost everyday. Anyway, these are pretty sweat. I want these features now Microsoft!! Too bad Sony attempts very little of this...or else I might spend more time on the XMB.

Gamertags3442d ago

I too would spend more time on PSN if there was more to do and equal to LIVE. Thank you MS for always giving to the gamers!

table3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

what? I don't know about you guys but I spend my time on psn to play games. However, I agree it could use some more features theres never a such thing as too many. Home offers features that I don't care for and live doesn't even have, maybe you guys can go and set up a date through that service.

Gamertags3442d ago

Really why? I and everyone that I know who owns both systems hardly ever use PSN. If you had both why would you?

PotNoodle3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I spend 10x more time on PSN than i do on Xbox live, what is so hard to understand about that?

I have a preference, as do you. Stupid question.

Either way, THIS IS OFF TOPIC.

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KionicWarlord2223442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

"Indie and Games on Demand highlight the newest additions to this menu."
"Marketplace and Awards currently exist in the Avatar Editor menu. This may change before release."
"Avatar Props section. At this time no items are available."
"Games with 100 percent of achievements earned will appear here, presumably."

Seems the update making things more accessible.

Wonder what else is in the update.

Covenant3442d ago

Avatar awards for gaming achievements aren't a bad idea, and I'm glad something new is coming for avatars...

...but I'd rather have something else as a reward, such as MS points or free games. I've accumulated nearly 58K in gamerscore, and other than bragging rights, I have nothing to show for it.

Kushan3442d ago

You make it sound like bragging rights aren't awesome to have!

AhemZasan3442d ago

but bragging rights none the less.

Free games would be cool, but I'll be really happy even to be able to unlock junk for my avatar. I think it'd be nice to have some duds to show off my achievements rather than some numbers.

Covenant3442d ago

Oh, the bragging rights have their uses...I work with about a dozen other people who have Live, and I have almost as many points as all of them put together...something I remind them of occasionally. :)

Back on topic: I've finished 50 games, and I'd like to have something to show for it. Maybe 100 MS points for a completed game, or 1000 free points for every 10K in score, or something else.

It would actually make sense for MS to do something like that...if you offer some kind of reward for score, people have more incentive to go after those remaining points, especially those that involve online play.

That would equal more Live activity, potentially more Live subscribers, and the old gift card analogy would come into play: People typically spend twice the value of a gift card when they redeem them. Gamers would be more likely to make an investment in MS points if they have a few free ones to start with.

Example: If I have 600 points earned from games, and the new Call of Duty maps are 800, and I'm on the fence about getting them...well, I have 600 points, so maybe that 1600 point card isn't a bad deal. And I'd have 1400 left over for other stuff.

That makes sense to me.

Boldy3441d ago

Yeah great idea but would never work. Achievement cheaters are already bad enough without any sort of monetary incentive to get them. I couldn't imagine how that would go up if you got free microsoft points for it.

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wicked3442d ago

Looks good, I like the idea of earning avatar awards from within games. Hopefully some more information will appear soon.

tha_meat_beater3442d ago

it needs to be updated not the crashboard. xbox avatars are stupid, "wook at mye xbawkx avatawr ive gowt threez RROD twofies andd wone E74 twofie. yay meez!

AhemZasan3442d ago

So insightful and objective. The only thing your post lacks is some BBQ based [email protected] & [email protected], oh wait, there they are.

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