Rumor: No More Heroes 2 gets another playable character

Suda51 has already shared that there will be characters other than Travis to play as in No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. However, now there are some rumors that EDGE has information of an additional character that had not been previously revealed.

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SinnedNogara3442d ago

Hopefully it will be a character like Destroyman. I want to shoot lasers from my crotch!

EvilTwin3442d ago

Nice...but honestly, I'm more interested in seeing how Grasshopper plans on fixing the open world/sandbox aspect of the game. We already know it'll have a cool, weird plot, and we already know Suda and co. came up with a good control scheme and art style. I wanna see the bugs get worked out.

Still, day one purchase for me.

Cheeseknight283442d ago

Shinobu has been confirmed. This new rumor is suggesting that Henry will be playable.