Tiger Woods on Video Game Realism and Knowing Your Customers

FC writes: "Like a lot of gamers in their 30s and beyond, Woods struggles to find the time to play regularly. The best-known athlete on the planet puts in some long hours, travels constantly, and now has two children under the age of three. Last year's knee injury may have prevented him from winning more tournaments, but it did wonders for his video game skills. "When I had surgery, I couldn't move for three weeks," he says. "I was immobile, sitting on the couch, so I played all the time."

Woods wants his digital golf game to be fun, of course, but what drives him is a desire to make it as true as possible to the experience of being "inside the ropes"--the ropes separating fans and players in a tournament. "In terms of innovation, our specific area is realism," he says. "Having spectators moving and talking, the roar of the gallery from another green, the changing leader board. They're all distractions, which we see and hear, and you have to focus quickly and try and execute. We've incorporated these things into the game."

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