What-If Dept.: What If Great Authors Had Written Game Reviews?

Crispy Gamer writes:

"Over my three lazy years of grad school, I played a lot of games. And I took a lot of naps. If you're looking for a real escape, don't go to an award-winning Hedonism resort; disappear into an MFA program. That's escape.

During that time, I also inadvertently read a lot of books. At last week's editorial meeting, CG staffer Kyle Orland wondered aloud how great authors would fare as game reviewers. All great authors had to slum at some point to make ends meet. (Editor's note: Or pretty much at every point; if you want to get rich, don't choose writing or editing as your vocation, kids. This PSA has been brought to you by Uncle Crispy.) What if, between writing their masterworks, these authors slummed a bit as game writers? Cue the harp music and fog here."

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