Overlord II - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: The original Overlord game was an interesting foray into an untapped area of gaming that, while it had its problems, ended up making up for them with some truly unique methods of gameplay. The sequel keeps a lot of what made the first one so unique, but also fails to capitalize on the idea of improving a lot of what made the original rough around the edges. There are new game features such as minion upgrades and riding mounts, but the streamlining of the single player game and the focus on linear progression really mar the exploration aspect found in the first game. Still if you can get past the fact that Overlord II feels more like a re-imagining than a sequel, you will still find plenty of evil good times packed away on this DVD.

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GameScrubs3386d ago

Other than sound issues, this game really immerses you into its world and its characters. Those minions are funny and their satirical attitudes towards everything makes it that much more fun.

The ability to possess a minion and infiltrate bases, get minions drunk and have them vomit and piss all over the place, casting spells on humans to make them your slaves, multiple mistresses for added quarrel and fun.

There is a lot of fun to be had.

DelbertGrady3386d ago

This game is tons of fun and deserves at least an 8/10.