Trophies/achievements 7 times faster on 360

GZ: "Ever wondered how fast each console's operating systems run? Wonder no more. Legendary NeoGAF forum poster TTP has been busy compiling information on the speed that both the PS3 and Xbox 360 perform certain tasks. The results were generally similar for each of the operating systems, but there were some surprising differences."

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poopsack3393d ago

"Not too much to shout about, but interesting nonetheless."

Thats the best quote out of the whole "article"

Im sure no one cares about the .5 1.5 second advantages 360 has in some fields and PS3 has in others. Im just glad the features are there.

heroicjanitor3393d ago

But there will always be people who will be delighted to hear that the system they own has a slight advantage, even if it is because of a difference in the amount of content loaded.

La Chance3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Thats why I picked the 360.

edit @stewgart : yeah deep down in my mind Im dead serious, yout got me! I dont even play online, even for COD4 I prefer playing with friends right next to me with extra pads. Now shut up because youre the only who was stupid enough to come out.

table3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

lol at la chance trying desperately to justify his purchase.

edit: keep up the good work then. your comments usually give us n4g members a good laugh. The funny part is, deep down you are pathetic enough to be dead serious.

chrisnick3393d ago

you chose 360 bcuz it has slightly better software(made by a software company) running on its console, even though the hardware is clearly not up to par? Does that even make sense? That's like buying vista but having to turn off your pc every 5 mins because it might fall apart on you.

La Chance3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

You got to be an id!ot if you thought I was serious.

You thought I was serious.

I would have said that about the PS3, I bet your head wouldnt have popped up in this thread. I did it on purpose (didnt add the "sarcasm" at the end) just to see the stupid reactions some would have.

Look at the 360 catologue of past and future games : THAT justifies the purchase of a 360.

likedamaster3393d ago

In-game, comparing achievements/trophies of course.

krakdol3393d ago

@La Chance : the catalogues more likely justify a PS3 purchase. No AAA exclusive on 360 since last november (Killzone 2 : 92, MLB09 : 90)...

chrisnick3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

they've been runnin their mouths all year...forza this, splinter cell that, but they don't seem to realize, ppl have been saying that they have no games AND ITS TRUE!!! they just have no games till.....october, justify that, you've had to wait about 10 months to get AAA games yet you still defend that? that's just assinine.

Syronicus3393d ago

We are now seeing articles about trophies and achievements loading up differently? Seriously?


Greywulf3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Look at your post history...

I mean...

Look at it...

This article is dumbsss

Gamertags3393d ago

On the PS3, why does it take so long to compare. I would try to compare with friends of mine and eventually give up.

On the 360, incredibly fast.

Not a big deal but a nice bit of polish for the 360!

Jaces3393d ago

It is a bit of a pain to compare trophies that much is true, but I only do it on rare occasions so it's not a biggie for me.

Tito Jackson3393d ago

wut about teh blu-rayz? lol.

Beast_Master3393d ago

I compare trophies alot and it is annoying. especially when you comparing to dude has 14 plats including Fallout 3 lol, your a sick gamer dude.

randomwiz3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Some people care(makes them feel better).

I rarely compare trophies, I compare achievements more(just because most of my friends have a 360 only), but its so annoying when I do it on the ps3. But then again, if I'm comparing trophies/achievements, then I probably have nothing better to do, so I have the time.

Jaces3393d ago

Nothing better in the world when that *ding* sound goes off.

haha, it's addicting.

Aeroglyphics3393d ago

That "ding" has become my crystal meth

uie4rhig3393d ago

but you gotta look at it this way, PS3 loads all icons of the trophies online, 360 uses the same icons for all of them so the only thing it has to load is that numbers! ;)

Boody-Bandit3393d ago

Damn that is SIC!
Jaces that is definitely hardcore. I don't have any platinum.

housegroove763393d ago

Im in complete agreement in the holy sh!t of jaces plats. I thought I read it wrong at first. I have none as well.

Sarcasm3393d ago

I'm pretty sure that there will be an article about "The PS3's case scratches easier than the 360, thus the 360 is far far superior"

Prototype3393d ago

Who cares how fast it loads, I'm more concerned about HOW they play not what their score is.

I can already predict next weeks flood of stories: "PS3 is closing its studios while Microsoft acquires NaughtyDog" give me a break.

Beast_Master3392d ago

I thought I was badass with my 2 plats and over 500 trophies. But Jaces put me to shame. Dude just got Prototype, how he beat the game killing less than 10 civians I will never know. lol Not to mention how in the heck he beat KZ2 and [email protected] on hard?

Arnon3392d ago

"No AAA exclusive on 360 since last november (Killzone 2 : 92, MLB09 : 90)..."

AAA does not relate to a score. But if you want, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned (Which has a longer story than Killzone 2 and more gameplay than both of the games you mentioned combined) scored a 90 average. And it's only "DLC".

Anon19743392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I mean, come on. Who on earth would even check this kind of thing? I suppose there's someone out there who knows exactly how many milliseconds it takes from button press to effect on screen, and much like this article the end results matters zilch to me.

Ugh! Slow news day, eh?

Edit Above: Ok, how on earth are you guys spinning this into a exclusive pissing contest?

theEnemy3392d ago

He believes on what he think is right.

Blinded by pride and idiocracy.

Oh, and he's out of bubbles.

Boody-Bandit3392d ago

*raises hand* oh, oh, oh, I know!

Desperate sites looking for hits.

What did I win?

Microsoft Xbox 3603392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I bet La Chance seriously meant what he said on post 1.5.


DR0Z03392d ago

They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point, aren't they? This is ridiculous.

Downtown boogey3392d ago

It clearly states that PS3 has to also download all the trophy pictures as well. No wonder it takes so long!

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yoghurt3393d ago

brilliant that someone is making an article out of that ONE difference, clutching at straws much.

sunil3393d ago

The difference was extreme in the previous firmware versions, but I did see a remarkable improvement in speed with the firmware 2.80 installed.

Maybe these times are before this firmware update.

Kleptic3393d ago

yeah if this test was taken between FW 2.40 and 2.60...I would believe it...but 2.70, and then especially 2.80...are MUCH faster for this exact task (2.80 made the in game xmb much faster overall, not just trophy syncing and card displays)...

not saying its as fast or faster than the 360...I'm just saying it doesn't take anywhere near 37 seconds...I never realized it ever did take that long, but now it seems like just a few seconds...

Tempist3392d ago

IMHO, who is checking achievements against other people in game or out of game that much for 27-37 seconds to make much of an impact on their gaming? Really now, did the tester work in real world application or in ideal lab conditions?

Does anyone during an intense match in Killzone 2 or Gears of War 2 stop everything and begin to compare achivements/ trophies? Did we all miss something colossaly important?

jamesrocks31473393d ago

where going onto trophies your loading up all your gamercard plus how many trophies u have as bronze,silver,gold, nd platnum. also if your comparing with a friend your loading trophies from multiple games and you could have alot nd ur also loading your friends trophies this article is pretty lame

on your 360 your just loading well aload of numbers?

KionicWarlord2223393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Gamer card consists

numbers,text,and gamerpic .

Then when comparing achievements it shows them side by side.

achievements ,numbers,and text etc.

But on xbox live website your avatars next to everthing.

chrisnick3393d ago

its not the same thing, when you compare, psn sorts the games in the order of which you played and then the order of which your friend played (meaning the games you don't have) along the calculated PERCENTAGES of completion in each game and your gamercard and all this info has to be synced with sony, all while giving you the option to go deeper into each individual game and see the more detailed info. Nothing huge, but im sure gamercards dont require all that because well, i know for a fact they don't show that much.

KionicWarlord2223393d ago

what else do you want from the xbox gamercard ?

It shows your gamer tag ,gamer pic,gamerscore .

then if youy want to go personal

bio,where you live,your name, messenger chat.

Then you can compare your achievements with anyone side by side.

Then look at there

bio,where you live,your name,gamer tag ,gamer pic, and gamerscore.

Pretty ok at the moment.

potenquatro3393d ago

On your Gamertag it shows right off the bat tha last 4 games you've played in order. If you click on that you will see every single game they've played and the dates the game was played and the dates and times the Achivements where unlocked and what had to be done to unlock that achivement. Trophies and Achivements are the same thing. Most of the people I know prefer Live's profile over PSN's or STEAM's. I think they're all stupid exept for the personal info. Stop it now cause you look retarded. On your first post you said 360 fans have been talking "all year Forza3 this and splinter cell that" nobody even see Forza untill less then 2 months ago. Go stirr up sh!t smewhere else. open zone ______>

Poopface the 2nd3393d ago


anyone who has ever used a 360 to compare achievements knows how stupid you sound.

It has the most general number for gamerscore, all the way to every achievement you and they ever got(side by side) on any 360 game they or you have ever played. And it tells you exactly what that achievement is. The 360 gamerscore is a general as it gets, then it gets as detailed as it possibly can.

Until they go back to 2006 and include trophies in every game, then they arent even comparable.

ManiacMan40043392d ago

Fact Check:

Godliness----------Somewhat right---------|-Complete BS

You're just lying out of your ass kid.

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3393d ago
Nelson M3393d ago

Fail's on you a Million Times Faster too !!!
But you don't Hear The BoTs Bragging About That
Do You !!!!

lowcarb3393d ago

I love how the Droids are so quick at ignoring the PS3's faults lol. Sony deserves to loose this gen for slapping together there rush job of a system. Even with 360 much higher failure rate the PS3 is simply unappealing for lack of.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3393d ago

That is one Achievement a ChavBot on this could never unlock!!! ;-D

Shane Kim3393d ago

Hahahha nice one Sir Ken.

MAiKU3393d ago

I didn't realize the 360 had trophies. Nor that it was doing all the things trophies did but faster.

Jack Klugman3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

retard parade in full effect ps3 lose again deflect topic engage.

7 times faster?? bububu the cellz!

terrandragon3392d ago

That means the xbots unlock it faster than droids, according to this article.

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