SCEE scotches Uncharted 2 October release talk

VG247: Not sure what's going on here. GoOnl!ne's published some quotes from a "SCEE rep" saying Uncharted 2's "currently scheduled for an October release."

We checked in with SCEE PR to be told by email that:

"We've not announced any official release date for Uncharted. It's scheduled for an 'autumn release,' and we'll obviously announce an exact date in due course."

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Automat3393d ago

they should release it 11.10.09. nothing else there...

Naked Snake3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Na, November

mal_tez923392d ago

As soon as its done I want to play it.
Drake's fortune is the best game I've ever played and if anything the sequel will be an improvement. (hopefully it's not a downgrade like Cod4 going to world at crappy war)