Kingdom Under Fire II Confirmed for Xbox 360

BLUESIDE today revealed some good news around their plan on the Console version of Kingdom Under Fire II that was somewhat floating in the air vaguely up until now. While more surprises are waiting their turn, BLUESIDE made official that Kingdom Under Fire II will come out in the platform they are most familiar with amongst the consoles and once more; Xbox 360 gamers will be offered an epic scale mediaeval fantasy war zone much enhanced in every aspect from the previous versions for gamers to conquer the Bersia continent with the new generation of heroes.

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LONEWOLF2313390d ago

Just hope the bring the series back to its original form!
I mean no that Circle of Doom was bad it was pretty decent its just that KUF for the original xbox were epic.

-MD-3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Circle of Doom was average at best IMO I hope this is more like the first one because I really enjoyed that one.

leila013390d ago

I sincerely hope they stick to the previous gameplay style and have this being an awesome tactical hack n slash game, not a Dynasty Warrior snore-fest.

Cherchez La Ghost3389d ago

Damn, I loved KuF 1. One of the most stategic hack-n-slash games I've ever played.

003389d ago

love these games even though they're hard as hell.

green3389d ago

Did not play much of the 1st but from the little i played, it was really good and tough.Good to see that a sequel will grace the 360 next year.After seeing the trailer, i am now looking forward to the game.