Red Steel 2 "one of the best looking games on the Wii," says developer

In the 45th issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine, creative director of Red Steel 2 Jason Vandenberghe spoke about his latest project.

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knox3442d ago

i think it is one of the best looking games, art style is very good and it is smart that the devs didnt try to make this one realistic like the last one

ABizzel13442d ago

The game looks really good, because of the art style. The scene where the motorcycle is dragging you could easily be mistaken for a PS3 or 360 game. The are style is very similar to the Naruto Game on PS3. I wish they hadn't mad is some weird western samurai mix, and instead kept it a modern day Tokyo which would have made use of a much better color and lighting system since Tokyo is illuminated by neon lights.

But Red Steel 2 seems like it'll be much better this time around.

N4g_null3442d ago

I like the weird western samurai thing... the whole this is in japan thing was sort of lame with graphics that didn't really match japan.

It's sweet to see them do a good job on the graphics art wise also.

phantomexe3442d ago

Yea but ubisoft has given the wii nothing but junk from the very start.It has ben nothing but mini games and not one time have we ever goten a good ip.I find it hard to beleave that they didn't junk this game out like they have done all there other wii games.I'm not sure i'm going trow my money at them.Sorry but ubisoft is in it for a fast buck.

knox3442d ago

dude have you even been paying attention to this game? and ubisoft has made some crappy games but they've published no more heroes, tenchu, the new teenage mutant ninja turtles game, anno, and lots more.......

phantomexe3442d ago

i'm asking because other then a few games like no more heros which ubisoft only pubished,they have done mini games.Red steal do's look good but being it's from ubisoft you can't blame a me for asking how maney mini games is in it.Like sidar said looks good for a cel shaded game but it going come down to controls.

N4g_null3442d ago

Phantom is right only a fanboys would claim it's going to be good after seeing how ubi makes games on the Wii and even the HD consoles.

I really can understand why they would limit the cuts though. Maybe that is only for the demos.

gears223442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

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mrv3213442d ago

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locos853442d ago

It's ok i've had better.

Sitdown3442d ago

"gf"=guy friend? I kid I kid...

guitarded773442d ago

After having all my illegitimate children, I assume it's pretty tore up. But you're a good man for taking care of those bastards.

farsided3442d ago

rofl... reminds me of the father's day version of "wetter" by twista

"you owe me 3 million dollars in child support!"
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dizlaoboi9163442d ago

is this another graphics over gameplay situation?

ChickeyCantor3442d ago

For cell-shaded game, it looks pretty good.
But everyone is hoping for a solid sword mechanism.

Perjoss3442d ago

after messing around with the motion plus in 3 different games now i can say that its great, there is alot of potential, the devs just need to implement it properly into games, so fingers crossed. RS2 could be excellent.

Syronicus3442d ago

Not that I don't believe him but isn't that what he is supposed to say? I have never heard a dev say their game was fugly and yet asked you to buy it... Just saying.

EvilTwin3442d ago

Heh, that's true.

"Our game looks like hell, but plays OK. You should buy it!"

Not a good marketing strategy.

But it looks like Ubi learned their lesson after the first one. Generally, super-realism isn't the way to go on Wii. NMH looked very basic, but the controls worked well enough to give it legs. As long as Red Steel 2 uses Motion+ well, they should have a decent seller on their hands.

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The story is too old to be commented.