New Colin McRae: DIRT Footage

New footage of Colin McRae: DIRT.

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jp 1174292d ago

this has been out for a little while

JPomper4292d ago

Yeah, this is the old first showing of ingame footage.

yocdub4292d ago

Dirt=Playboy Bunny with a Degree! Super hot and great to look at but dull and boring to be with. Like yer mom.

Motorstorm=Penthouse Pet fresh from a photo shoot involving 3 chicks and a mexican burro. Hot and fun for all. Also like yer mom+yer Sister and her Foreign friend from Brazil whos curious about Mustache Rides.

cuco334292d ago

DIRT = dull?

lmao. if u know anything about rally racing, u should know that in no way will the next colin mcrae game be dull, rather a sim. so if u like fake arcady style that doesn't resembly real world racing get motorstorm. if u like a more true realistic offroad racer (like me) get DIRT. i will be getting DIRT, no matter how much fun motorstorm is

Quisp4292d ago

I agree. Im a sim racing fan(GT/TOCA), and Im really looking forward to this. I cant wait to start using my DFP wheel again, now that its FF/Rumble function have been enabled on the PS3.

Too bad F1:CE doesnt have FF.

ALso cant wait for the next TOCA from Codemasters(Race Driver One) to be released. I liked TOCA 3, but, it looked like crap on my PS2. ALso, the FF/Rumble wasnt as good with my DFP like GT4. Of course, the DFP was made for GT4 anyway.

Gamer134292d ago

This as been out for a while now.

IM OUT...///"""

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