Gaming Podcast 130: Proselytizing

This week's TD Gaming Podcast covers some news, history and a classic Gaming Flashback. The podcast will be taking next week off, so this week is extra packed with content, looking at the original Breakout for Gaming Flashback and the MB Microvision for Gaming History.

This week's news includes:

* Twittercraft – Twitter while in World of Warcraft
* iPhone Gaming Prices
* Starcraft 2 will have no LAN multi-player support
* Tecmo Koei Concerned with Motion Control Technology
* Rumor: Rockstar confirms two new GTA IV Episodes
* Violence and Combat is old, time for acting

This week's Questions are: what console/hand-held system do you bring on vacations, and do you go out and buy any games before you head on vacation?

[Note: The main link is the MP3 file, and the credit URL is the article.]

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