Chinese WOW has been offline for a month

Chinese online gamers have been without World of Warcraft for a month now, thanks to a problematic handover to a new operator in the region.

Servers closed on June 7th and the game was due to be relaunched by the end of the month, but NetEase, the company selected by Blizzard to take over from previous operator The9, has said that factors beyond its control have indefinitely delayed the launch.

"We have met with some factors which are out of our control, the servers reopening will be delayed," NetEase posted on its WOW website last week, according to Reuters. "As of now, we don't have a specific reopening timeframe."

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DragonWarrior_43928d ago

Its cause Korea hired all the hackers from china and they all played WOW. LOL!

koehler833928d ago

Man, I'd love to see that happen here. Heads would roll.

kazan3928d ago

the economy will be back to normal

Mr Face Creamer3928d ago

Where's all the "Chinese kid kills himself" artiles then...?

farsided3928d ago

ironically i was thinking the exact same thing...

danielle0073928d ago

People must be going insaneee over there. Ik I'd be pretty bummed.. Such a crack addiction..

Hmm, but their gold farming businesses must be suffering! I wonder how they will feed their children..

Raf1k13928d ago

I don't know about the gold farmers but at least the rest have a chance of regaining a social life.

At least till it's back up and running lol

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