New The Last Guardian Screens

TSA: Two new images have surfaced in the latest Famitsu magazine, which we hope will be a fairly regular source of new information on the game. The first shot is essentially very similar to one we've already seen, albeit from a different angle, but the second, showing Toriko about to attack a guard, is particularly striking.

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thereapersson4329d ago

Hell yeah! This will be a visual masterpiece that no gamer should pass up

gaffyh4329d ago

These are not new, they just pulled from the video that they showed at E3

The Killer4329d ago

what a bad lie, just to get hits, warning everyone dont click the link because u will see 2 old and bad quality pictures.

locos854329d ago

I don't know about this game, it reminds me of ICO...... I know most people loved ICO, but I couldn't really get into it. I played it when I was 16 and it seemed boring to me. I liked SOTC, I hope i'm wrong about this though.

shingo4329d ago

These are taken from the E3 trailer.

How did this topic get approved? :/

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4pocalyps34329d ago

from the above pic for a second there i thought it was a colossus lol but awesome game first day buy xD

345435347984329d ago

both are from the f*cking same E3 video dumbass

nofilter4329d ago

Er, no they're not. Sigh.

poopsack4329d ago

hey, HEY! Stop! Stop what you're doing right now!

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StanLee4329d ago

You know it's always funny when I come online and see how much people laud Team Ico's games but Ico sold like crap and so did Shadows of the Colossus, even in Japan. I'm almost certain The Last Guardian will sell have lukewarm sales at best. What the hell is up with that?!

BYE4329d ago

I don't think so, they wouldn't make another one if it didn't sell well.

micro_invader4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

I'm pretty sure SotC sold fairly well, in comparison to Ico.

By the way, why are these labelled as new? They're just screengrabs from the trailer with a funky colour filter added on top. :/

table4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

what he means is that it didn't sell to the standard that people regard the games. I didn't buy them last gen, I didn't even know about them. Infact my friend offered me a loan of shadow colossus about a year ago but I said I can't really be bothered playing it :[ Now I'm checking ebay for the game and they are still selling for £30 pre-owned! Maybe I could find a used copy in a shop that doesn't realise its value.

Cenobia4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Ueda is one of the best developers ever (I think he's the best). My two favorite games were made by him, trumping Ocarina of Time, which is not an easy thing to do. He has unique ideas and doesn't just make sequels for the sake of making money. His games are complete when they are released, with excellent story, graphics, and gameplay.

What I don't understand is why people think sales mean everything. I didn't buy a console because it sold a lot, I bought it at launch for THIS GAME. That's how good his games are, and why Sony's first party will always trump xbox exclusives in my book.

I do wish his games would sell more, but I think TLG will do better than the last two games. It seems to be receiving a lot more press coverage.

BYE4329d ago


If you don't mind the manual language check out Amazon France, I just got my new & sealed PAL version for 22 € incl. from a marketplace seller there.

Of course the game is in english.

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