New LittleBigPlanet Levels "High Priority"

NowGamer: Media Molecule's David Smith has revealed that much demanded new levels for LittleBigPlanet are a 'high priority'

Speaking exclusively to Play Magazine, Smith went on to discuss such issues as motion control, the potential for a sequel and the development of LBP PSP, as well as stressing that fan demand for new levels meant MM was taking them very seriously.

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Beast_Master4328d ago

I just hope they come up with something different again like with the paint guns in MGS level pack. Plus the talk bubbles where ingenious in the first level pack. I hope they give us a SoC and GoW level pack.

Freak of Nature4328d ago

New levels such as a "Ghostbusters" level based in a haunted house with small versions of the "stay puff marsh-mello man" getting to use a twisted version of the proton gun for example,and a Racthet and Clank level pack with a couple new R&C styled weapons,just to think of a couple quick ideas,would be great,but also something new and special straight from MM themselves...

I think even more important than the levels themselves would be "new game mechanics"....Adding a *"real World fluids"* would be at the top of my list,and add a whole new dimension to create mode,this would open up a whole new World of user created levels....

Looking forward to anything they come up with,as this game is my "game of this gen"...

nothere4134328d ago

I was really hoping that there would be Ico and SotC levels back when they revealed the Ico costume pack. I can only hope, for now though...

Soren the Cat4328d ago

Enough with the new creation tools, I would much rather have more levels. The original levels are amazing, one of my favorite gaming experiences ever.

drdre744328d ago

add the create a level with friends online and give us more metal gear TYPE MAP PACKS.

tdrules4328d ago

the online create feature is actually being beta tested by a few lbp forums specially chosen, you should find em.

rawd4328d ago

More paintenator levels!

blizzard_cool4328d ago

Well they said that they're making a Ratchet & Clank level...

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