Diablo III's First Year pt 2: Demo, Wizards, Monsters & Skills is continuing their celebration of the first year of Diablo discussing the strange rumours there would not be a Diablo 3 gameplay demo, the (not so) shocking Wizard reveal, monsters and skill systems.

The feature also discuss ex Blizzard employees, their opinions and projects, continued colour debate, halloween and much more from the end of 2008.

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moondragon4329d ago

God, cant wait for this game

SCFreelancer4329d ago

Can't wait for the waiting to be over!

Leord4329d ago

Dang. It's been a quite busy year after all! It felt like it was taking forEVER....

Medievaldragon4329d ago

Really nice work. There is so much that has been shared down to the fans this year. Pity there is not much bestiary updates, or dungeon previews though.

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