Should Sony cut the price of the PS3 or not?

Sony head honcho Howard Stringer said the console maker would lose money on every PS3 if its price is cut. Mike Got Game! shows two perspectives regarding this matter. Should you take his word for it, or should Sony implement a PS3 price cut? Start speculating NOW.

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lloyd_wonder4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Don't care either way. This gen sucks.

The PS2 is the greatest console ever! Closest thing to a one console generation was last gen, and it was sweet.

Headshot814320d ago


Syronicus4320d ago

As much as I like the author of this article I have to say, I am sick of hearing about Sony and the need for a price cut ont he PS3. Here's a tip for anybody wondering...

They will cut the price when they are good and ready. No sooner, no later. It will be on their time and since they have been in the business longer than I have, I can trust they know what they are doing.

Anon19744320d ago

I guess when looking for a price cut the first thing to ask is how are sales? Well, in 2 1/2 years the PS3 has moved just about 23 million consoles. By contrast the 360 only sold 19 million in it's first 2 1/2 years. Lately PS3 sales have slowed but not by much, which is remarkable given the state of the economic environment.

So if the PS3 is being adopted by the consumers much faster then the 360 - why is it we never saw any "360 needs to cut the price" articles at this point in it's life? It's starting to look like the idea that the PS3 needs a price cut is merely and invention of a game media that needs something to write about.

snaz274321d ago

but for different reasons, mine are cos i have a ps3 already lmao, so even if they dont drop the price i will still have mine so its all good from where im sitting lol... i have a few questions tho...

should people stfu about the ps3 price drop?
hasnt there been a million and 1 such articles already?
arent people bored to death with these stupid articles?
shouldnt people pay more for a better more technological and reliable machine?
doesnt the ps3 price point keep the young kids that shout lamooooo over their headset off the psn?
isnt it sony that will decide if and when the ps3 gets a price drop?
dont people save up for things they want anymore?

these are just a few questions off the top of my head, hmmmm thats atleast a days woth of "NEWS" right there for n4g lmao.

GiantEnemyCrab4321d ago

Profitability vs Market share.

I think Sony is willing to sacrifice a bit of it's market to make money.

Personally, I think $399 is a fair price for what you get with the system. They are just taking an image hit with all these "drop the price" nonsense/pressure.

edgeofblade4321d ago

"I think Sony is willing to sacrifice a bit of it's market to make money."

But they are losing both right now. If Sony can't drop the manuf. cost and implement a price drop as people are demanding, it's their own damn fault for painting themselves into a corner with such high quality parts. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but PS3 is built and priced like one of Sony's high-end $7,000 HDTVs. It's not meant to make everyone go out and buy one. It's meant to be a "flagship" product... an expensive version you can compare the cheaper versions to and generate artificial "value".

Therefore, PS3 is a flagship product lacking a fleet of products to lead. Instead, we get the nebulous and inconsistent "playstation lifestyle" as a selling point. This strategy... which Sony arguably pioneered... does not work on video game consoles.

Sev4321d ago

I personally think PlayStation LifeStyle is a great selling point. :)


snaz274320d ago

really your comment was quite funny, especially this part " it's their own damn fault for painting themselves into a corner with such high quality parts" i mean what are you saying? they should have made a cheap piece of crap? lol, i for one am very thankfull that sony did build with high quality parts, that way my console doesnt break every few months lol, there are millions of people that agree with me too obviously seen as 23000000+ have bought the ps3 too, and then you go on to say that it was to create "artificial" value... but it isnt artificial due to it actually having more tech in it! even if you just look at the blu-ray function that right there = more value, ok you could say but people are fine with dvds, but didnt people say the same thing about vhs? eventually people do want to upgrade and cos i chose the ps3 i dont have to! the ps3 is an amazing product at a very LOW price... there are plenty of people that see that, its just some people cant afford it, so instead of going on at sony to lower...

snaz274320d ago

... the price they should just save up, if they cant manage to do that then well thats there problem! near enough everyone could afford a ps3 if they put there mind to it but if they cant be bothered for whatever reason thats fine, there is always the cheap and cheerful 360, so people really should just stfu about the price now! there is no other products you could buy at cost is there? anyway the ps3 is selling just fine and whether it ends up first second or third this gen really doesnt mean a thing to me... i get to play the great games, watch the blu-rays, surf the net (even n4g like i am now) from the comfort of my couch on my 42" plasma, play online for free etc etc etc. so yeah im one happy bunny lmao.

CryWolf4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I think at a difference time point like when sony first launch playStation 3 should have ben sold at $400 bucks would have ben fair to me too but now they need a price drop, if Sony do it right now at around $350 dollars it would drive up sells of the real Next Generation console.

RememberThe3574320d ago

Stringer is make it very clear. He doesn't want to loss any more money then they are now.

Jaces4320d ago

Should they cut it?

I don't care to be honest but if your so poor to where you can't cough up an extra $100 to buy a PS3 then tough luck.

I really can't see anyone not being able to afford a PS3, but when it comes to a $100 cheaper console, they can. Think about it, $100 is practically two games in which you would buy within a month guaranteed.

Sometimes I really just believe people are freaking cheap who have no right to complain about a $100 difference, specially with all the amazing bundles out there.

snaz274320d ago

you say $400 would have been a fair price at the start, but they sold the ps3 for less than it cost to make from day 1 how could you be more fair? sony are a buisness not a charity... your looking at it the wrong way round, you have to look at what you get for your money... its like say i sell a bag of sweets for £10 and there is another guy that sells a bag for £5... you would think geee £10 is expensive! and say you should bring the price down... but my bag contains £20 worth of sweets while my competitors bag has £4 worth of sweets and they charge £5! which one is expensive now? my point is you have to look at what something offers! then look at the price! the 360 and the ps3 are not the same thing! the ps3 offers more! so costs slightly more.. it just depends on what your looking for, in reality the ps3 is a steal! for what your getting! but if you want cheap get the 360 arcade bundle and have no hdd have no blu-ray, have no wifi, have no hdmi cable, have no rechargable controllers, pay for online etc etc

Syronicus4320d ago

Who cares? Really, who is it that is asking for a price cut? What group of folks are so interested in a price cut that articles like this are needed?

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Marty83704321d ago

Sony will cut PS3 price when they can, production costs are coming down all the time. So when they can pass the reductions on to the consummer, Sony will do.

FamilyGuy4320d ago

(From a business standpoint)

Sony does not NEED to cut the price, they’re selling at almost the same pace as the 360 already and if you compare the sales M$ had this far into it’s life time then the PS3 is actually doing better.

More to the point:
It would be a very bad business decision to cut the price of the console itself just to increase the user base when another option (that they are currently implementing) is available and much less costly. That being Game Bundles.
Bundling desirable game titles increase the appeal of the PS3 at its CURRENT price point, and knowing that games release for $60 lets a consumer see the value right away. The most recently released 80Gb bundle with Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2 at $400 is GUARANTEED to pick sales up. Another recent bundle was with Wall-E and LittleBigPlanet which has a more casual and blu-ray emphasizing appeal.

Bundles like these are in line with what consumers want because chances are they wanted the system for an exclusive title that is now likely to be in a bundle so now they don’t have to spend an extra $60 on top of their $400-$500 purchase and at the same time sony effectively and in a cost-friendly way increases their user-base without pissing off their own share/stock holders

DasBunker4321d ago

PS3 is a steal for the price it has right now $400
for a bluray player
free online
the great exclusives
PSN with good games and Psone classics
bluetooth tech
rechargable controllers

its a great deal considering all that.. stop being cheap f*cks

DrWan4321d ago

Mwahahha!! i love your stop being cheap f*cks. way to go bro! If you can't afford it dont play it!

osu22duke4320d ago

it is a pretty good steal for the price. although i got mine when it was 600. what a great deal that was...

i love my ps3 but i think the people who compare the prices of the 2 systems over time need to also remember that the ps3 doesnt come with HD cables or a headset which the 360 does have. even though theyre only component and the headset breaks in a month or 2 lol

Traveler4320d ago

True. But when an HDMI cable costs around $5 and any USB headset can be had for a little over $10, I wouldn't say that is much of an arguing point. I just use my USB headset from my PS2 and it works great. It actually has better sound quality than a lot of the Bluetooth headsets to be honest.

The PS3 still represents a better value for the money.

osu22duke4320d ago

of course its a better value. at least sony doesnt make us use 1st party accessories. come on $60 for a wireless headset, you can probably get a decent if not better bluetooth for around 30-40

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