GameStop May Have Some Deals for You

BeefJack writes: "You may be able to get $100 off Guitar Hero World Tour tomorrow at GameStops. In addition, there may be some 200 price drops at the retailer, clearing space for the fall.

If there were any games released this spring that you haven't purchased yet, you may just want to check out your local GameStop tomorrow to see what kind of deals they are running."

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Rofflecopter3921d ago

hmmm, so is rock band 2 discounted? Already have GHWT, but I really want RB2...

Livenow3921d ago

How many plastic instruments do you need?

Rofflecopter3921d ago

hah not the whole package. I just want the disc!

locos853921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Looks like I will get Oblivion, Dead Space, and Prince of Persia. YESSS SIRRR.

It's funny though, Prince of Persia is 19.99 New, 26.99 Used??? Makes no sense there.

terrandragon3921d ago

I know, I picked up Prince of Persia for the PS3 for like...35$ used and it was 20$ new. But I wanted to use the buy 2 used games get 1 free deal.

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themyk3921d ago

i only buy my games at game crazy.

game crazy ftw.

Rofflecopter3921d ago

we don't have a gamecrazy.

i usually just go with BestBuy unless i have a reason to go elsewhere (like now)

Elimin83921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

But sometimes my arms get twisted, especially when they are give exclusivity deals by the developers. It sux DKong [email protected], then I have no choice.

ZILLA3921d ago

in these bad times gaming is the highest form of entertainment in the world!GAMES,GAMES and more GAMES!!

Reshun3921d ago

I've played it through every corner of the game by borrowing both ES4 and Shiver Isles from a friend but I still can't resist the deal!

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The story is too old to be commented.