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Never Before Seen Uncharted 2 Level - GameTrailers TV Episode 217 Promo

From Gametrailers:

"This week on GTTV Geoff Keighley goes behind the scenes with Naughty Dog in Santa Monica and shows you a never-before-seen level called Ice Cave from Uncharted 2."

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Blaze9293416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I just bought Uncharted and it is an AMAZING game. Not particularly speaking on the gameplay solely, which is amazing btw, but the script, voice acting and story is just SO well done and you don't see that in alot of games now adays where you actually enjoy the cutscenes and hearing the interaction between characters and even parts where you can LAUGH.

This is the second PS3 exclusive title that I've really been excited about since Killzone 2's announcement (which was my only reason I wanted and bought a PS3 for since the original trailer...and it really let me down -_-) .I'm stoked for Uncharted 2 though, can't wait.

AridSpider3416d ago

well said. Uncharted is a hell of an experience.

chrisnick3416d ago

kz2 let you down? about high standards.

SnuggleBandit3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )


all that needs to be said

not sure i want to watch the level though i've already seen too much!
gonna be hard to resist however

QuackPot3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago ) does the band.


Not high standards. The E3 2005 trailer was awesome especially the explosions, rocket trails, use of vehicles and action.

GG did a good job with KZ2 but could have/should have included all the aforementioned - especially usable vehicles(jeeps and shooting from the Intruder) - to satisfy the fans of the trailer.

Imagine what KZ2's story, acting, characters, action, graphics had been like had Naughty Dog made it. Just imagine! Wow would be an understatement if U1 & U2 are anything to go by.

Blaze9293416d ago

Not really high standards. I'll be honest and just simply say if it wasn't for Killzone 2's graphics, solely based on that factor alone alot of the reviews would have been lower as it was just a average shooting game to me honestly. Not saying Killzone 2 was bad in anyway, just didn't come with that impact that it should have. I beat the game in 5 hours (yeah on easy >_>) and got my scout badge and since then never touched the game again; even thinking about selling it.

But we aren't talking about Killzone 2 so anyway.

SnuggleBandit3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

is there an OFFICIAL release date? I know it'll be sept/oct but is there an official date?

seems like this would be a perfect time to announce it if they haven't

@below hmm my bad i just figured since the last one was sept. right?

AridSpider3416d ago

I thought the release month was actually November.

GameGambits3416d ago

There's plenty of great games coming out this year, but I think Uncharted 2 has sealed the deal on GOTY. I mean if it isn't Uncharted 2 then I want to know what game it is, because I'll play that instantly lol.

As for the Killzone 2 comments. I myself was so hyped up for it, and maybe that's what killed it for me. I played it for 2 weeks nonstop and then there was just no more reason to put it back in my tray anymore. It quickly lost its intensity. Amazing game, and I still think it nets itself a 9/10, but for whatever reason I could not get addicted to its online. It's a shame, because I bought my PS3 for Killzone 2 as well, and while I wasn't by any means disappointed... I just thought I wouldn't need or want another shooter in a long time.

Still a game everyone should play to make their HDTV bust a nut though. :D

Blaze9293416d ago

Wow that is EXACTLY my feelings toward Killzone 2 as well, EXACT.

Trebius3416d ago

I just recently began playing the multiplayer and I'm pretty addicted...

I got it first day, I beat it on normal, I enjoyed every minute of it...but I didnt get hooked. I played the online once or twice, but I couldn't get into it.

The funny thing brother came by for the weekend and he played through it, and I sort of got the urge to play again and I started playing hardcore mode.

I was getting pretty good at playing now, aiming without the sights, doing rather i was inspired to play the online. I was really impressed by how much more I got into the game once I actually got GOOD at it.

The reason people dont play it too much is they dont get used to the control scheme and the unique way the gameplay feels compared to CoD games. Once I got used to the game on hardcore, and I felt confident playing online, the game was interesting again, haha.

Give it a shot again on the hardest difficulty, and you'll probably like it again.

BYE3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Uncharted is one of the best games this generation.

As for Killzone 2, just didn't feel like buying it after playing the demo. It felt so dull. Maybe I should get it anyway since many people say it's so good. Then again, unlike me most of the people who love this game aren't FPS fatigued.

Traveler3416d ago

I personally love Killzone 2. Then again I am good at it. People tend not to like games they aren't good at. Some people also had a problem with the controls but I was among those that loved the controls right from the beginning. Now it's other games that I think have poor controls. Killzone 2's controls are fluid, accurate and weighty; a lot of other shooters now feel floaty and jerky to me.

Anyway, yeah, I love Killzone 2 and play it all the time. One of the best games to come out this gen. Oh, and the graphics are insane, in case any of you didn't know ;)

snaz273416d ago

to be honest i dont know why anyone would play a gmae on easy, then complain that they ran through it lmao, well its pretty obvious you will seen as its on easy aint it? in my opinion you didnt experience killzone2, you NEED to play the game on veteran, then elite to really get the most out of killzone 2, to see how the AI trys to outsmart you to feel the real struggle pushing through the lines, veteran and elite is something you wont forget anytime soon lmao, it took me alot longer than 5 hours, i think like the other guy said sometimes people who arent good at a certain game dont like it.. the multiplayer tho did have a few problems like i leveled up too quick etc, still that was minor really and i loved the online, to me tho the single player was the best shooter single player ive ever played, it was far from an average shooter.

mastiffchild3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

Traveler-You're right about KZ2 controls-they're easily the best bit of the game, and the rest is excellent. The one thing they got wrong was kow towing to the COD4 fans who wanted it to be a clone of their favourite game and tweaking the controls and options for them. The controls for the beta were amazing, better than what we have now if I'm honest and noone seemed to complain about them then did they?

Anyway, U2 will def be a great game, can't say GOTY but certainly it has a good shot if ND's past is anything to go by(not to mention the slinky new gamplay and sumptuous, class leading gfx we've seen so far.Even though everyone loved J&D people were, beyond me but I guess not everyone knows/remembers who made which games, kinda surprised by the first game and as a result of that and there being fewer PS3 back then the game really built via word of mouth-none of that this time as it'll be a big success from the offand the next step in what should be a VERY big deal one day.

BTW, anyone else despise the way GT trail whats coming on the shows? I always forget and think Im getting to see things now!

Traveler3416d ago

I know what you mean, mastiffchild, about them kow towing to the COD4 fans and it is really just too bad. I agree with you that the controls were better before, although I still like the way they feel now more than a lot of shooters.

beavis4play3415d ago

UC was amazing and UC2 looks to be even better!
i'd ask what all the KZ2 bashing is about but looking at the names of those making the comments - and it becomes

for the record, KZ2 has GREAT controls, graphics, action, effects. the place GG needs to improve on is story. (KZ1 was much better in this regard) over-all, KZ is my favorite shooter this gen. (i don't count bioshock and MGS4 as just shooters).

Syronicus3415d ago

No other title have I played through as many times as I have Uncharted. It is so addictive that I have passed up new releases to start a new campaign in Uncharted. It is just that good. Can't wait for the second one.

capital1player3415d ago


nycredude3415d ago


I agree with all the people who thinks that Uncharted is better than Killzone 2, heck it's one of the best games this gen so far.

I myself loved the intensity in Killzone 2 and although it was a great game it WAS hyped too much, however your comment about taking away the graphics can be applied to any game. What would happen if you remove the storyand animation from uncharted? You would have your basic 3rd person shooter. What if you removed the gameplay from Halo? You would have a crappy game with last gen visuals. The fact is the graphics are there and you CAN'T remove it so you have to judge the games as a package.

That being said if you played the game on EASY and beat it in 5 hours then you really haven't played the game yet. I urge you to go back and play it on Veteran mode. It is a much different experience and the enemy ai will make for a much different game from other shooters.

xwabbit3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Nice, wana see this :P, about kz2... some people left the game cus it wasn't another cod4 in terms of movement(the speed in how it moves) but i find that eh, people cant get use to a lil change ? and sine they did bad they raged and quit

locos853415d ago

I was overhyped for Killzone 2 as well. I didn't really like the online but the single player was fun and worth the purchase.

cyberwaffles3415d ago

i agree, you will almost always hate a game if you have a hard time playing it. something tells me everyone plays full 32 player matches when playing killzone 2 which is a big no-no and if you add in how difficult the game can be for the controls, well then of course a lot of people would be disappointed with it. i love the controls and the way the feel too, i just played cod a few days ago and i couldn't stand how weak everything felt.

i felt like i was shooting paper or something, i don't know how to describe it, but in killzone, it just feels satisfying capping off a person's head with a shotgun while hearing that splash or when they fly backwards etc. i could play the skirmishes all day on killzone 2 as a matter of fact.

now i'm off topic, but uncharted 2 will be great. period. just look at those cut scenes, the environments, etc etc.

christian hour3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Congratulations on having the opportunity to give Uncharted a go! It's an amazing game everyone needs to play. If I was to give a reason to a 360 fanboy to play just ONE ps3 game, it would be this one. I'm sure it would change their tune completely.

As for ps3 fanboys, I'll think of a 360 game you need to play when it pops into my head :P

And since you brought up killzone 2 :P I'll add this...

Honestly I never paid any attention to Killzone 2 as I wasn't so thrilled by the first. So i had no expectations going in playing it. And I really enjoyed it. The only problem I had with single player was alot of the rooms and events and areas seemed every scripted. If I died and restarted at my checkpoint it just felt like I was repeating myself, where as some other FPS games these days tend to feel more free flowing ya know? So to me it didn't have much replay value. There was no huge explosive battles with incidents unique to the player going holy crap.

But none of that matters. None of that freaking matters at all and I'll tell you why... It's multiplayer was absolutely balls to the walls amazing in my opinion, and worth the purchase alone. I still play it every few days.

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Polluted3416d ago

Half way through the vid. you can see Elena pointing a gun at Drake. What's that about?

clixx333416d ago

We'll know when it comes out, eh?

sunil3416d ago

It was shown at E3. Elena pointing a gun at Drake and Chole pointing a gun at Elena... Dont remember who Drake was pointing his gun at

poopsack3416d ago

heres where and why it happens, maybe u missed this whole part of the gameplay videos check it out

Polluted3416d ago

Cool. Thanks for the video, KnaveX. It's a lot more helpful than random disagrees. I had been sort of avoiding gameplay videos of the SP campaign so as not to ruin the game when it comes out. Didn't even know Elena had been confirmed yet.

LarVanian3416d ago

I have always suspected that the scene where Drake and Elena are having a face-off is actually where they first meet in the game.

christian hour3415d ago

Wow I never seen this footage from e3... :O

It just never ceases to amaze me how amazing this looks... I'm still in awe from that panoramic view of the whole town and the big mountains in the background... Most anticipated game of the year for me on the ps3.

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TheHater3416d ago

Cannot wait to get this game in my collection.

STARS3416d ago

I second that, the only other game I may be anticipating more at this point is God of War 3 and that's still a long ways off.

Cunnin-English3416d ago

From what ive seen of Uncharted 2 it impresses me a lot, so much that im going to skip all of the reviews (who needs them anyway) and just buy it day one.. if u want a game thats got rich characters,tight gameplay,epic cinematic moments, lush settings, addictive platforming + the Naughty dog stamp of approval.. buy Uncharted.

frayer3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

The only game that matters this year is a PS3 exclusive

Poor bots

Gue13416d ago

I see that the phrase "Poor xbots" is getting really popular. =)

Who invented it? lol

TheColbertinator3416d ago


It was Angelitos,a famous Sony trooper back in the summer of 2008

blackmamba7073415d ago

wait this is coming for 360! I'm sure they will port it! wait what? no?!??!

ok whatever, Xbox is gettin Halo : RROD anyway