Thunderbolt Games: Jet Set Radio Review

Thunderbolt: "As a reviewer, it's important to keep your bias on a short leash. There are times when it becomes difficult to keep things to yourself, though. After experiencing a game like Jet Grind Radio, it's almost impossible for me to contain my excitement and write a straightforward review breaking down the parts of the game and comparing them to whatever else is available on the market. The problem is, there's no reference point for Jet Grind Radio.

Smilebit has effectively created a game that's about art. Although Sega's careful to make the distinction between graffiti as an act of vandalism and an act of art in an in-game disclaimer, it doesn't change the fact that Jet Grind Radio glorifies tagging as a rebellious form of expression. The plot hinges on youthful disobedience, pitting players up against rival factions whom fill their native locations with spray paint. You'll be joining the GGs, an ever-growing band of outcasts with lots of personality."

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