The Man, The Myth, The Legend - Gamesblow

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"It seems these days that not one of the console manufacturers can keep a secret. With supposed "insiders" leaking tidbits left and right, many have come, and many have gone. One, however, still lurks in the trenches, touting his accuracy of "predictions", so much that he has named his up and coming site akin to that of the most famous prophet the world has ever known."

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Johnny Cullen4322d ago

Is this the rebutal to what happened earlier then?

Not having a go, just wondering. :P

BigPete79784322d ago

Very nice read, and good facts to back everything up.

N4PS3G4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

LOL do this guy really thinks Gamesblow is real and works with sony?

the author even says that Gamesblow hasn’t been right nearly 98% of the time and still calls him the man,them myth,the legend.. l o l

I'm still waiting for the third party sony big announcement that was supposed to happen some weeks ago

I'm still waiting for Tears of Blood

I'm Still waiting for Lock and Key

I'm still waiting for MGS4+Oxide for 360 at E3

I'm still waiting for Mass Effect 2 for PS3 at E3

I'm still waiting Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3

Because a sony employe surele has time to create accounts in every single site from Twitter,Myspace,Neogaf, to N4G.

Parapraxis4322d ago

*whips out crystal balls*
I see Gamesblow in the foetal position next to his computer, reading N4G, crying about getting burned.

DoucheVader4322d ago

Gamesblow is a bit of an interwebs legend you can't deny that!

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The story is too old to be commented.