Final Fantasy IV to Release in Japan for Wii On July 30th

GOONL!NE: Square Enix has announced in this week's Famitsu that the production work on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is complete.

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knox4322d ago

wtf no kidding.............its been out in north america for weeks

N4g_null4321d ago

Man I still have to buy this.

Allowen4322d ago

Is this FF4 part 2 a good game ?

I just know thatfor me FF4 and FF7 are the best in the world of Final Fantasy.

Sev4322d ago

I am enjoying it but I am only about an hour in.

phantomexe4322d ago

I've beat the main story up to where you have to wait for the last 2 downloads,plus the side quest downloads and the game is great.

na-no-nai4322d ago

i thought it was pretty good compare to the first one. it take me back to the past when most games are like this 2d graphics ^_^