8 Annoying Things in RPGs

Ecks of The Gaming Dungeon takes a look at a few things that annoy him in the RPG genre.

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Gue14322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

mmmm none of those aspects are that annoying to me... When you grown playing jrpgs on the Super Nes it is really hard to get annoyed by bad voice acting considering that back in the day we didn't even had it. Those were times were sprites didn't even recreated the characters like they really were and we were forced to use our imagination and interpretation skills. =|

But talking about the new schoolers(does this word exist?) well that's a completely different story...

kewlkat0074322d ago

of a save point....Then you encounter some mysterious area/battle you are not yet equipped to handle.

How about grinding for hours only to have the game freeze....grr

Ravage274322d ago

there's 1 more thing that never fails to annoy me....Balance issues. What's the point of creating underpowered characters like Fran(FF12) with no unique abilities? Hopefully now that patching is the norm, we can see less of this crap

militant074322d ago

whats hurt more when you die after playing it for 1 to 2hrs with no save point.

all item you got would be lost :(, sometime its hard to obtain some of it, or your lucky enough to get them!.

i also agree with voice acting and #1.

blitz06234322d ago

the list is quite redundant. yes they are annoying but to me, those things are what defines an RPG game

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The story is too old to be commented.