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Sony CEO dismisses price cut chatter on PlayStation

Sony Corp Chief Executive Howard Stringer brushed off concerns that the PlayStation 3 video game console is too expensive, and said the company is unlikely to sell parts of its business amid the recession.

Stringer, arriving at the Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, on Tuesday, described recent comments about PlayStation's price by Robert Kotick, the CEO of video game publisher Activision Blizzard Inc, as standard business tactics.

"He likes to make a lot of noise," Stringer said, when asked about the comments. "He's putting pressure on me and I'm putting pressure on him. That's the nature of business."

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Immortal Kaim4362d ago

I just hope there is a price drop so more people get to play Uncharted and the like, bloody hell, I finished it a couple of days ago, what an experience.

I have just started Valkyria Chronicles and I'm addicted already.

3 for 3 so far in my enjoyment of the PS3 exclusives, MGS4, Uncharted and VC have all been great (imo).

TheColbertinator4362d ago

Great progress so far ImmortalKaim.What is your PSN ID? Let me add you.

solidjun54362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Valkyrie Chronicles is just awesome. Uncharted is like the best of Indiana Jones in a videogame. I almost made popcorn while playing the game. I love it.

As for MGS4. Let's just say, it's my favorite game this generation. ^_^

As for the quote ""He likes to make a lot of noise". Well, you ain't lying about that. Bobby is like that.

Nineball21124362d ago

I have heard nothing but great things about VC. I really plan on getting that some day. The art style of it seems very cool.

Blaze9294362d ago

Oh snaps! Industry beef? lol jk.

4362d ago
cmrbe4362d ago

Those are my top 3 PS3 games I.K.

VC will only get better.

Immortal Kaim4362d ago

Nice, so I'm finally in the PS3 fold hey :)

Might go play some more VC right now actually. ;)

JonnyBigBoss4362d ago

Agree. It hurts me inside to know how many people haven't even experienced Uncharted or MGS4. Every gamer really needs to at some point because they are practically life-changing.

cmrbe4362d ago

regardless of weather you have a PS3 or not really dosen't matter as i have always respected you like every other normal gamers that just prefers the x360 aka x360 fans.

Golfcoachh4362d ago

I bought my ps3 in january, my first game rental was mgs4, didn't do it for me, I never played any of the others so that could be it. Killzone2 is another one I didn't really get into. Before the Disagree and bubble eating monsters show up, I love my ps3, uncharted was awesome, I love blue ray, and I am looking forward to the tons of exclusives out there. I bought the 160gb uncharted bundle for 499 and am so happy I did, those two games just didn't do it for me.

Mr_Potato_4362d ago

For me, while Uncharted and Valkyria Chronicles were great, MGS4 is really one of the best games I've ever played, and it's definitely the best game this generation...

On a side note, my PS3 broke while I was about to play the last mission in Valkyria, so now I have to restart from scratch (no backup), but I'll probably do it since the game is great.

beavis4play4362d ago

the one-time price of a ps3 isn't that bad considering what you get. the 1st party games are reason enough for anyone who likes games to buy the system.

Final_Rpg4362d ago

Going to buy VC soon! Over the past three days I've gotten assassins creed, Orange box and Heavenly sword. Beaten HS only, working on AC. Then I plan to buy Ninja gaiden sigma, Bioshock, dead space and Valkyria chronicles. Then I should be done for a while in games.

I left a lot of great games out of my collection I know, but I just didn't have the money... but now I get to go back and play all these great titles! So I'm really looking forward to it. I can't think of anything else good coming out until later this year... anything good coming out in the next few months?/

OMFG I almost forgot! Gettin Blazblue toooooooooo. I want shadow of the colossus so badly, I have ICO. But Shadow is IMPOSSIBLE to find in Australia. Like, IMPOSSIBLE. I've been to every freaken Eb games store, checked their site and others. I've given up... I'm going to try ebay, but it's so expensive and I don't have a way of paying for it. It's so frustrating.... I really want to play it before last guardian comes out.

Syronicus4362d ago

I feel sorry for anybody that does not have the oportunity to play them. Man this thread makes me want to get back into VC. That game was great.

orange-skittle4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

You people kill me. Not only do you disagree and bubble munch a guy that said he loves his PS3, but didnt enjoy MGS4 and VC, but you say you feel sorry for anyone that hasn't played VC. Are you serious? VC is an awful game if you are not into JRPG. It is so cliche' and boring IMO. Yes I said it and you have no bubbles to take away from me because I don't suck d*ck to receive them. MGS4 is not that great of a game. I actually fell asleep halfway through the ending because the CG cutscenes were TOO F*CKING LONG. You didn't actually play that game, it was more of the game playing and you watching. I snuck around to the next cutscene. That's the whole premise and you praise it as SUCH A GREAT GAME? GET A LIFE! What action did you experience in MGS4 except when you fought Vamp or took over the mech suit to fight Ocelot? At times when people watched me play, they would say "IS THAT ALL YOU CAN DO?" as they watched me crawl in the grass and sneak around rocks.

Uncharted is by far one of the best experiences I have ever played. Ranking next to the God of War series as EPIC. After completion of the game you sit there like WOW, WHAT A GAME! I was a huge fan of MGS and I was expecting amazing things but just like Transformers 2, I was disappointed with the end result because I felt the game could've been much more than what it was. Infamous is amazing and KillZone 2 fell short IMO. KillZone had great visuals but hid bad textures behind motion blur, grain, and lack of HD. The hit detection was horrible until they corrected it with a patch and the story was completely forgettable. The ending alone was god awful.

Beast_Master4362d ago

considering you were expecting a Micheal Bay directed Tranformers sequel to be good, shows just how good your judgement really is. That is all we needed to know about your tastes and ability to judge games based on story.

Oct 1. PS3 price cut!!! conicides with GO launch. Sony loses 100 bucks on every system out the door and gains 100+ bucks for every Go out the door.

AhemZasan4362d ago

With regard to MGS4. I totally know where you're coming from. I picked it up last November and couldn't really get into it at all. I stopped playing when the MK. II showed up in the first level. Then, just this past weekend, I decided to muscle my way through it. 20 hours later (including 8 hours of cutscenes) I completed one of the most amazing gaming experiences of my life. It really is unlike anything else I've ever played. I would also like to note that MGS4 is the only Metal Gear game I've ever played so it really isn't necessary to have an extensive knowledge of the series. Gametrailers has a nice series though, that could get you some serious insight into the back story.

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shawnsl654362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

look at that huge ass TV. I wanna watch 2012 on that (after watching it in Imax of course)

solidjun54362d ago

I want to watch that and the world cup next year on that.

PirateThom4362d ago

I once saw a 72" Bravia at a Sony Center running some HD preview thing...

I just don't know what to say.

UnSelf4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

I wanna watch Kratos rip off Helios' head on that

And becuz of the huge size of the screen i can finally see where he puts the head afterwards cuz i kno its in one of his pockets i just dont kno which one yet

solidjun54362d ago

What's with the disagree phantom? I'm sorry I offended you by implying I watch soccer. It's a good sport. ^_^

mastiffchild4362d ago

Solidjun-yes, it's the greatest sport in the world-and by a huge distance. A game where, no matter your height or muscle weight your talent can shine and in a truly poetic way. A game that flows, eddies and is a physical chess for the master tacticians who believe they can beat the odds with sheer brains. A sport which embraces passion and cold nerves equally, power and finesse equally and every four years pulls the whole world together like no other single sport can imagine.

But it IS NOT called "soccer" it's called football-and , as you predominently use your feet is the only game with ANY right to that name. I like football, quite a bit-must renew that season ticket!

Christopher4362d ago

I think the largest I've seen is the 108" one on Jimmy Fallon. I would have to move my corner bookshelves out of the room to fit that huge of a screen on my wall.

RememberThe3574362d ago

In America we call it soccer. And what are you talking about "right"? We call it football that's what gives it the right to that name.

What the hell gives cricket the right to use the name "cricket"? They call it that. That's what gives them the right to call it that.

RIP to Steve McNair.

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Shadow Man4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

"Bu bu but sales don't matter our games look better"

PirateThom4362d ago

"Bububut exclusives don't matter we have a multiplatform game that is slightly better"

MGOelite4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

erm how a game looks is more important than how many it sells...

Greywulf4362d ago

They are still amazed by the Source engine & Unreal technology from 2002.

They are still using DVD's folks... and paying how much for batteries & HDD upgrades.

Games can't run in HD.. they can't even get 9 cars on a track at once for their top franchises...

and oh yeah, alan wake has a flashlight...


Gue14362d ago

Owned again Shadow Man... =D

saimcheeda4362d ago

shadow man returned after some time to get owned yet again!!as usual!!

JohnnyBadfinger4362d ago

HAHHAHAHA Saimcheeda got testicular cancer in his throat! LOL


AngryTypingGuy4362d ago

Actually if you look at the list of 360 exclusives, it's pretty good. Go ahead, go to wikipedia and see for yourself.

rohail884362d ago

hows saying something stupid getting owned xbot???

JasonPC360PS3Wii4361d ago

They should just package movies with the PS3 if they want to sell more. To bad they don't buy games, bye bye PS3...:) next up EA, UBI and Temco.

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dragonyght4362d ago

sony is smart enough to not announce a price cut now risking potential sales right now my guess is they will be a price b4 holiday its just gonna be a last moment announcement

JRaptor4362d ago

Yeah, he didn't flat out deny a price cut was going to happen. Just stated some reasons for not doing it, rather than a boring 'no comment.'

If the PS3 slim comes out at the same price point and starts selling well for a while, it may be that the price cut still won't happen for a while, maybe even some time next year.

They have enough things up their sleeve (Slim and holiday season exclusives) that they can do to maintain momentum and only cut the price when absolutely necessary. In the meantime, they'll keep reducing manufacturing costs so that when they do actually cut the price, it is still profitable to sell the console on its own.

MetalGearBear 4362d ago

bu bu but.....
if u want PS3 really bad!!!!

EDIT: shadow man
why u crying, mad, and b!tching about PS3.
Serious, u need STFU.

Shadow Man4362d ago

is that how you talk?

if u want Dead island really bad!!!!
BUY xbox360!!!! LOL

-MD-4362d ago

Sucks having one bubble huh?

Deafphat is a gay by the way (sucks not being able to comment back huh?) LOL