Xbox 360 exclusive gaming rundown

Cnet: One of the biggest decisions when choosing a video game system has to be the exclusive games. Console manufacturers go to enormous lengths to tie up deals with developers and their publishers in order to claim one console's superiority over another.

Numerous titles and franchises are only available on Xbox 360 including Gears of War, Halo, and Forza MotorSport.

Now that E3 2009 has come and gone, let's take a look at some more 360-only titles that are scheduled for release in the coming months.

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Ninji4321d ago

Aside from DLC on a disc (aka: Halo ODST) and downloadable DLC all of those "exclusives" will be played on the PC (especially L4D2 cause without mods it would just be boring and not even worth the price as you can go through the first game within 4-5 hours and the multiplayer got really boring with just the regular stages). I stopped playing L4D shortly after it came out and if it wasn't for the mods and everything then I would've sold it.

ziggypowe4321d ago

A large majority of them games will played on the xbox 360 and not the PC although people will buy some copies of the PC version

Natsu X FairyTail4321d ago

believe me the sales of Alan wake , Mass Effect 2 , SplinterCellConviction Will make the PC sales seem irrelevant. Just look at Gears of war 2 : 3million in 4weeks on Xbox360.

Foxgod4321d ago

Funny how ps3fans sum up so many great games when saying that it doesnt look so good for the 360.

And when they sum up why it looks so good for the ps3, they mention stuff like fat princess.

starchild4321d ago

Why is it always about PS3 fans? I am a PC fan first and an Xbox 360 fan second and when I look at these lists I see what to me are a bunch of PC games with a couple of good 360 exclusives thrown in as well. I am happy to own a 360, it just really annoys me when people always try to pretend the PC doesn't exist.

-MD-4321d ago

"it just really annoys me when people always try to pretend the PC doesn't exist. "

It's called console wars for a reason.

4321d ago
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Foxgod4321d ago

When will venetica finally be acknowledged by the media, Venetica looks friggin gorgeous and should be added to every 360 exclusive listing.

AAACE54321d ago

There are always alot of games that don't get their due credit. Hopefully, they get more attention before their release date!

starchild4321d ago

"360-only titles"? Wrong. I can play most of those games on my PC. I'm sorry, I like my 360, but I am mostly a PC gamer and this is an insult to my intelligence.

Foxgod4321d ago

Consoles are the center of gaming.
I own a powerful pc myself too (i7920, 6gb ddr3, gt280xt), but i dont see my pc as the main gaming platform.

Besides, its not PC vs ps3, its 360 vs ps3, PC is in a different league, just like the wii got its own league, we dont compare wii titles to the 360/ps3 either.

And you shouldnt bring your iq to this, bring your logic instead.

starchild4321d ago

That still doesn't change the fact that it is inaccurate to say "360-only" when those games can be played on another platform. Say "not on PS3" if that is what you mean.

The reason we don't usually compare Wii titles to ps3/360 titles is because they are usually different games with far weaker graphics, but in the case of the PC/360 we are talking about the same games with approximately the same graphics.

Mc Fadge4321d ago

You would never say that you can only get a movie on DVD, jsut because it's the "centre of media services". It's most likely also available on Bluray, and even digital distribution.

Besides, besides the controls in some cases (anything bar FPS and RTS games), the PC versions of games are superior. However, you can often use a controller with some drivers and play your games that way, problem solved.

Cutting out a part of a picture you don't want to see doesn't make it invalid.

DevastationEve4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Oh sure, you can say that it's out on PC as well. I get what you guys are saying. But not EVERY Xbox 360 game is on the PC, and those that are were hampered by both lack the luster showing of Direct X 10 and the failure that Games For Windows ended up being. So the PC won't necessarily be the best place to play those games.

There's 2 reasons that I feel support the fact that saying a game on Xbox 360 is BETTER on the console than on the PC.

1) Xbox 360 will CONTINUE to be where Microsoft puts its best efforts.
2) Xbox Live (and with it PSN and console online gaming in general) has evolved to the point where people don't look back at their PCs and feel like they're missing much.

Syronicus4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

To be completely fair, the article does open with the discussion of what it takes to purchase a console and the games that help in making that choice. At the moment, the 360 does have a nice line of titles, unfortunately, some of them are new IP's and we will not know exactly how they will turn out but for the most part, the known IP's are looking great and I look forward to them.

edhe4321d ago

Quit being such a pissant. The industry is centred on ps3 vs 360 right now, PC is always, and always will be, secondary to the interesting part of the market.

Any pc fan coming in to piss about on the ps3/360 issues is either trolling or just far too bored.

xwabbit4321d ago

Same here


ThanatosDMC4321d ago

Supreme Commander 2... i cant wait. That is all.

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Mr_Potato_4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 will all be available on PC in a better version, so they're definitely not '360 exclusives'.

That's the problem with the 360 in my opinion : not many real exclusives.

You're much better with a PS3 / PC combination, since you can basically play every game available. Plus, you've got the best version of '360 exclusives' on your PC.

-MD-4321d ago

Not everyone likes to sit hunched over a keyboard with their fingers stuck on wasd.

Mc Fadge4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

In most cases you can assign a controller with some drivers to the PC, and play that way. "Hunching" is also a matter of opinion, with connotations to make it sound worse than it is. You can easily sit comfortably, and correctly at a PC to enjoy games.

Anybody care to actually back up their disagrees?

kazan4321d ago

actually for me that what i got PS3 and a an amazing gaming laptop most of the time i don't miss any game that i like, and without paying extra for the online :)

DevastationEve4321d ago

They have an Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows, so I hope you PS3 fanboys are cool with that ;)

Yes, I know they have others (Logitech makes an awesome PS2 like controller).

Mc Fadge4321d ago

Why wouldn't I be cool with a 360 controller working with the PC? That's my very argument. You get an enhanced experience with the same controller, are you trying to prove my point or disprove it?

And I wouldn't call myself a "fanboy", I just have preferences.

MriownBOTH4321d ago

weird cause i have a nice pc and use my pc and my 360 more than my ps3...

ps3 online isnt all that great compared to live on pc or 360....i have better internet on my pc ..ps3 browser is mostly useless(chugs along)
multis look better on 360 or pc than ps3...

my ps3 = blu-ray, uncharted 2, god of war 3, gt5 :/ thats about it....

so yeah consider pc and 360 are better than ps3 it should be included.....

after all most games are 360/pc "games on windows" Microsoft doesn't care which one you get....and quite frankly no one else cares either.

when i think of pc gamers now days first think that comes to mind is.....i think of

World of Warcraft
........thats about it.

xwabbit4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

MC those are 360 kids crying, don't worry about it

Murderdolls u do know u have use the PS or 360 controller right ? Oh yeah nt tho

Above: Ur clearly not a PC gamer to have said that

PotNoodle4321d ago

I love it when people say "Well PC is still microsoft, you're still giving them money!!!"

That isn't the point, the fact is you don't have to buy a 360 to be able to play that game. People don't care who they're giving the money to.

Either way, PS3 + 360 + PC > * :)

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IronFistChinMi4321d ago

A PS3/PC setup would deny me some of my favourite games this gen. Crackdown, PGR 4, Forza, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, Dead Rising, Gears 2 (so far!) and the GTA IV DLC.

-MD-4321d ago

I honestly feel bad for anyone that can't play those games because they're all amazing.

kazan4321d ago

im a PS3/PC owner, and for those games above yes its ture i miss them out but sadly they are the only true xbox360 exclusives (and some are only DLC) yet i dont feel the need to get 360 if you own a gaming PC cause you want be missing out much

DevastationEve4321d ago

$1000 on a PC gaming rig just to play 2007 Direct X 10 games and WE'RE the ones missing out? I love my PC gaming but it's just not where the games that I WANT are. And the games that make it over aren't the ONLY games that I want.

It's easier on the wallet to spend the money on the console and pay $60 for a game than to only pay $50 for a PC version yet still need to have a moderately well equipped PC which could cost around $1000. And be cramped with the 19" it ships with. Yes you can buy a bigger screen, but I'd just save the money from building a PC in the first place and put THAT into getting the screen, and just stick with a mildly equipped PC for basic needs.

Which most are slowly going to be coming to Xbox 360's dashboard through its regular updates anyway.

kazan4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

well im not using the PC for gaming only however, i added more cash to it for games, im truly happy cause i also play PC games only, i know lots of my dudes do the same, i really don't know why the disagrees for!! it is my choice :)

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