Monster Hunter 3 scans

The latest issue of Famitsu is out and the latest scans of Monster Hunter 3 are available. A new snow level is shown with a massive new monster to hunt.

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Myst4321d ago

I want to fight that thing!

TheColbertinator4321d ago

Yeah I can't wait to saw off its fangs as trophies

GameGambits4321d ago

My expertise for this game series only goes as far as the original back on PS2. I've passed on every entry after, BUT I've always been enticed by it with each entry that came.

I know if a next gen console(ps3/360) were to get the next installment then I would get it day 1. It just feels when the series hits PS3 and 360 capabilities it'll be the moment any camera issues get resolved, the online co-op would become easy and fun, graphics would become dazzling, and with the already great attention to detail to so much weapons/equipment it'd be border line insane how awesome you could make yourself look in it.

I'll be stoked if/when that monster hunter comes, but the wii version I'll pass on for now. I hope it does well though, because it could change my mind on it if its really outstanding on Wii. :)

N4g_null4320d ago

Try playing ninja gaiden and tell me tech specs will fix camera issues...

Also what Wii games have you seen with camera issues? Didn't nintendo pretty much invent controlling the camera with it's own analog stick?

Too bad for you... day one for me.

ThanatosDMC4320d ago

But i dont want it for the Wii! ARGH!!!

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Ninji4321d ago

They might as well put it on the N-Gage.

desolationstorm4321d ago

Ill deffintly try the game, have never tried the series but it looks like they are working hard on the game so sign me up. Pretty much any wii game where the developer put time and effort in, will get me to at least try it out.

N4g_null4320d ago

This will be my first MH also since I stayed away from them because it reminded me too much of pokemon in passing, plus this game is looking pretty fun and good also.

Shnazzyone4320d ago

Still looks awesome... sucks for folks without a wii I suppose. Though wii owners never saw SF4 so I feel this and tat vs cap more then makes up for it. Capcoms got some serious exclusive love coming our way.