Bit-Tech: Tales of Monkey Island: Episode One Review

Bit-Tech writes: "How the series develops from this point onward is obviously going to be critical and the season as a whole could fall flat at any point – which it almost does at the anti-climatic ending to this episode – but Screaming Narwhal is a stunning debut on the whole. Anyone with a sense of humour or a passion for adventure games would be doing themselves an injustice if they let Tales of Monkey Island pass them by without investigation, even if it won't truly be a 'Must Play' until the entire season is available and we can judge the experience as a whole. Sceptics might want to wait and see how the reviews for the rest of the season play out and then pick up the entire set in one fell swoop, but our time with the game tells us that there's no harm in jumping in and trying the first episode right now. It's awesome".

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