EB Games: MGS4 Limited Edition $9.89

NextGen Player writes:

"All July EB Games is having a daily door crasher with some great deals.

The RedFlagDeals Forum currently has a post that updated daily around 10AM with new deals. It looks like the forum post owner may know what games will be available for the next three days, but the rest of July is still a mystery."

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Myst4331d ago

Jeez! those are some good deals well for those who haven't gotten the chance to get the game yet. Though so far I think I'll pass on these and look forward to the next few games. I know I may be wishing pretty heavily, but I do hope some PSP games will go on sale like this to :D

ABizzel14331d ago

Why weren't these deals posted when the sell first started. I would have got Price of Persia for $10 instantly. I have MGS4, but I'll probably pick up the limited edition tomorrow as well.

Acidicpack4331d ago

The MGS4 Limited Edition is sweet you get the mgs 4 sound track and about a 4 hour lone behind the seen making of MGS4. No one should pass this deal up. I mean MGS4 GOTY for under 10 bucks wooooot!!!!

meepmoopmeep4331d ago

this Door Crasher sale is going on EVERY DAY of July

a new game is selected every day and for sale.

SubZero4331d ago

This would be great if there were really any of these still around. These are pretty rare do a search on EB or Gamestop's site. got mine a year ago im cool

shqype4331d ago

Is this for EB Games in the US, or in Canada only?

ExcelKnight4331d ago

The source site for this article is RedFlagDeals. They usually deal with Canada-only rebates and promotions unless otherwise stated.

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SKUD4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

MEGA STEAL. If true of course.

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The story is too old to be commented.