No video games found in VT shooter's dorm

Video games were one of the first things blamed for the recent shootings at Virginia Tech. Dr. Phil and a certain Floridiot lawyer were two of the loudest voices, while an article in the online version of the Washing Post briefly mentioned Cho was a Counter-Strike player in high school. Not a big deal in our eyes, but to the general public if Cho even looked at a video game, it's case-closed reports Joystiq.

After police searched Cho's dorm room, however, it seems he didn't own any video games at all. No murder simulators or gun training programs, not even a copy of Tetris. If video games didn't teach him these skills, where did they come from?! Oh noes!

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SmokeyMcBear4198d ago

haha booya!.. damn opportunists... go away jack and phil.. find another sick tragedy to propel your propaganda

Dlacy13g4198d ago

When I heard the counter strike stuff I thought that was about him playing in college... Certainly will be interesting to hear the spin on this from JT and Dr. Phil now.

predator4198d ago

They will try, love to see jt in the streets

Diselage4198d ago

All they're going to say is "Well all that pent up frustration was expessed because in HS he was taught to kill and hurt people" yeah it took 3-4 years to express it?

Hopfully this shuts up the fear-mongers for a bit.

InMyOpinion4198d ago

It's all that english litterature that made him lose it.

Sphinx4198d ago

having to learn proper spelling, grammar, and word usage can cause the sanest of people to go nuts.

Sphinx4198d ago

would report this... but they won't... they just care about causing panic and fear, because those cause more people to watch their propoganda shows.

Keyser4198d ago

You're right! I hope you all read this good becaus eit will be the last time you see this. No news station will even mention that he didn't play video games! They'll say that he went to his friends house and played video games. His friend owned GeoWar so that made him do it. Not even mentioning that the his friends only other games consisted of Spyro the Dragon, Viva Pinata, Ducktales, Smurfs: Quest to Save Papa Smurf, Carebears: Wear are All the Hugs, and My Little Pony: Lets Go Find Some Glitter.

Gore sells...they'll find away to make some more crap up.

SmokeyMcBear4198d ago

oh my little pony.. that was the best game ever made.. you forgot rainbow bright.. i mean.. nevermind

Black Republican4198d ago

I wish that I could express my anger towards Dr Phil and this jack guy, these stupid jack asses need to apolagize to gamers

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The story is too old to be commented.