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Battlefield 1943 is an impressive package that sets a new standard for digital titles. You won't find anything new in terms of gameplay, but the seven-year old Battlefield formula remains a lot of fun today. This is a streamlined game that does one thing and does it well: online multiplayer battles. If that's your thing this is one of the best times you'll have on Xbox Live this summer.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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i3eyond the Circle4321d ago

I fear for this game because most of the guys I played with (alot of people) on XBL all said they were just playing 1943 to hold them over till Bad Company.

Hope that isn't true for it is a damn good downloadable game for the price and size.

Greywulf4321d ago

does it have 32 players+? because BF1943 will be empty without a huge amount of people on the map.

Chuk54321d ago

Have you even done your research on this game. This isn't a port. It runs on a totally different engine. There destructible environments, regenerating health and the ability to call in a bomb squadron and much more.How could just call it a port? Sure it doesnt have 32 players but it's a downloadable game the fact that it can do the things it does is amazing. BF:BC have 24 players and it has great multiplayer.

Greywulf4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Don't start to preach to me about 1942. I played it 7 years ago, when it was new. Its an arcade game(PSN/XBlA), not many people are going to give up their retail purchases to play BF1942 with destructible trees. -_-

DaTruth4321d ago

It looks like a 64 player map with only 24 players. The 32 in Warhawk seemed kind of empty, but it wasn't a problem because you could jump in a Warhawk and land anywhere fast, in the middle of the action.

I'll need a demo to decide!

Carl14124321d ago

Looks good to me. Reminds me a lot of Warhawk which, in my opinion, makes it an insta-buy!

thedarkvault4321d ago

yeah this is way more than a port of a 7 year old game or just BF42 with destructible trees. If you ever played BFBC you would know the frostbite engine on top of having current gen graphics and ridiculously good sound in comparison, also has better netcode than all of the PC BF games ever had. The gunplay and player movement is a lot better because of it. As a BF fan since 42 the responsiveness due to netcode on all the PC games was always my biggest gripe.
The buildings are destructible too(not just trees) & the ground is destructible(craters from bombs)- destroying cover adds completely new strategies to the game. Sure you aren't getting the full BF experience, but you're paying 1/4 the price of a regular game. I for one will be buying this ASAP tomorrow.

La Chance4321d ago

Getting on 360 because it will be the superior version of course

4321d ago
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xg-ei8ht4321d ago

I'm getting it for PS3.

Megaton4321d ago

Same, got the cash sitting on my account right now. Any PS3 owners who plan on buying this can go ahead an add me (and even if you're not buying this, you can still add me).

PSN ID - BlackAcidDevil

Bnet3434321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

I'm going to get on on Xbox 360 and it's important for everyone to know that.

Edit: Actually I think I'll give the PS3 demo a try first ... it's still important for everyone to know this though because I am important and everyone needs to know.

Megaton4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

I don't see a problem with just simply stating what console you're getting it for. It puts up a flag to other people getting it for the same console, perhaps you'll find more people to play with.

It's not like he said; "I'm getting it for the PS3 cause the 360 burns down orphanages with its red rings of hate".

Carl14124321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

I'm getting it for PS3 because the 360 burns down orphanages with it red rings of hate

PSN: almighty-slayer

@disagreers. IT'S CALLED A JOKE

y0haN4321d ago

I'm getting it for Xbox 360.

SRU96004321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

I'm getting it for the Xbox 360, because the Xbox 360 has an awesome controller :)

poopsack4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

well SRU9600 i wouldnt imagine u getting it for any other console regardless of what controller the 360 had, considering u probably dont own the PS3, you feel bad for Sony, etc. Please stop, ur fanatic is showing. Get both, its better that way.

But i agree, 360pad is awesome. :)

SRU96004321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

KnaveX, save it for someone that cares. lol

Most people (that have used both) prefer the 360's controller.
I am one of those people.

Deal with it.

poopsack4321d ago

thats not my argument, therefore i have nothing to deal with.

SRU96004321d ago

I am telling you that, despite what your crystal ball is telling you, I do indeed own both consoles and prefer the 360's controller by a long shot.

You implied that I didn't even own a PS3 and was simply trolling.

Your "argument" is lame, much like the Dualshock. lol

DaTruth4321d ago

Everyone has played on both at some point in their lives; Six face buttons doesn't appeal to me.

Syronicus4321d ago

Because playing it online is free.


@ KnaveX

If it helps i am Not getting this game, but i do own both systems and i do like the 360 pad more, in fact i like it so much i have an adapter so i can use my wired 360 pad on my ps3.

i am still not getting this game though.

ambientFLIER4321d ago

Getting it on the 360 due to the controller.

MiloGarret4320d ago

I'm getting it for... none of them because I'm still playing COD4 and KZ2. And it is important that you all know that.

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ZombieNinjaPanda4321d ago

Game is getting good reviews and it's 15 dollars.

Don't see why anyone wouldnt pick this up if they like the battlefield franchise.

They were giving this game away free on twitter too :l too bad I was slow :(

ArcticWolfUK4321d ago

cant wait!!!

graphics 9.0? lol

greyfox2354321d ago

but i have a problem, i bought a 1600 card and i try to activate it and it wont let me (grr) i hope this problem is fixed by tommorow

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