Assassin's Creed 2 will last 20+ hours

Ubisoft has confirmed via a Q&A session on the company's forums that stealthy sequel Assassin's Creed 2 will last players more than 20 hours, surpassing the length of the original game.

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RememberThe3573923d ago

I enjoyed Assassin's Creed. Even thought it was repetitive I liked the story and combat. I have high hopes for this sequel.

4pocalyps33923d ago

yh i'm with you there in that we are one of the few that actually looked past the repetetiveness and focused on the good things. i really liked the climbing and stuff and the fighting system was pretty cool. cant wait for this.

GarandShooter3923d ago

Count me in guys. I thoroughly enjoyed Assassin's Creed. Climbing the vistas and taking in the countryside was absolutely breathtaking. The historical based renderings of the cities felt like stepping back in time. Already got the 2nd pre-ordered.

@357 Props for the avatar.

DaTruth3923d ago

We will end up doing the same five missions for ten hours collecting evidence, nine hours galloping between towns scoping from towers and one hour actually assassinating targets.

In an open-world game, you should stretch it to 40 hours because there is no limit once you have the world built. Especially when you have in-engine cutscenes that are used in Asscreed games.

i3eyond the Circle3923d ago

Beautiful graphics and 20+hours gameplay.

Ubisoft will be pulling in the bucks this Holiday with this and Splinter Cell.

DaTruth3923d ago

And gamers will be disappointed by the stale gameplay and little to no replay value.

Hope they make some changes this time around!

Gamer_Politics3923d ago

well they better have something worth playing before they run around saying the game will last 20hrs

ian723923d ago

The first game took me around 20 hours to complete. I did do a lot of flag collecting and sightseeing though. Did like it, am looking forward to getting part 2.

interrergator3923d ago

this is gona be a long game 20 plus hours keeps me busy durin thanksgivin :)

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