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A new MechWarrior game is under development by Piranha Games, according to a very short teaser trailer and unsubtle hints dropped by Voodoo Extreme. No other details are known, though the site suggest that a full trailer will be released later in the week.

Update: A few more videos have surfaced. Viewable below, the clips combine, like a Transformer, to provide a full look at what is undoubtedly a giant mechanical warrior.


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JelalTrueshot4401d ago

Its about time, I only hope they keep the slower, sim-like mechanics of MechWarrior 3 in lieu of the faster-paced, arcade-syle MechWarrior 4. I enjoyed MW4 as well, don't get me wrong. I just chalk it up to personal preference.

Gamer_Politics4401d ago

how are these MechWarrior games?ive never played one before

Xi4401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

Either way it looks like a new xbox/pc exclusive.

Xi4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

Microsoft owns the rights to BattleTech which is both mechWarrior and MechAssault games liscense. They also own Crimson skies, and shadow run, all games developed by fasa studios under Jordan Weisman. I don't understand how you can disagree with a Fact.

Man_of_the_year4400d ago

I am excited about this game but i would trade in every game i have for a new Steel Battalion game. Come on Capcom, i know you can do it, do it do it do it PLEASE!!!

Xi4400d ago

to purchase a new controller for it...

Man_of_the_year4400d ago

so very true. I paid $400 for my original controller with the game and then bought LoC. But i am willing to pay another $400 for a new SB game with controller. That was the ultimate Mech sim game ever created. Contoller had like 40 buttons and a button to wash the dirt off the monitor. Sweet.

cpuchess4400d ago

I wish they would do another Mechassault game like Mechassault 1

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